Kazumoto Yatsuzuka: Church of God Pioneer in Japan

As one of the recent added cities to Church of God World Missions’ Send the Light to the Cities emphasis, Tokyo, Japan, was a challenge in earlier days to gain ground for the Church of God in this large metropolis where the population exceeds 13 million—an area where strategically the light needs to shine the most.

New Book Offers Hope for Those Struggling with God’s Plan and Timing

Lori and Bryan Schumaker were sure they were in God’s will. They knew the little orphan girl in Bulgaria was the one God had created to be theirs—but His plan and His timing did not match theirs. Despite several affirmations and nudges that seemed to be from the Holy Spirit, so many obstacles came between them and their little one that the adoption they were longing for at times seemed hopeless. In fact, at one point they were told another family had adopted the child.

Children See Jesus Through the Eyes of a Country Mouse

The Bible reveals very little about Jesus’s young life. Between his infancy and the start of his ministry, we only see him once–as a twelve-year-old in Jerusalem.

Lee’s Centennial Homecoming Begins Friday

Cleveland, TN–Lee University’s most anticipated event of the year will begin this Friday, Nov. 2. Thousands of students, alumni, faculty, and staff will gather on campus for a Homecoming weekend of fun and new memories, as well as a Centennial Celebration to commemorate Lee’s history and legacy.

Michael W. Smith Concert Airs on TBN

October 30-, 2018–Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) last night  aired “Surrounded: A Night of Worship, Prayer and Awakening with Michael W. Smith,” a concert event hosted by three-time Grammy Award-winning recording artist Michael W. Smith. An encore presentation is scheduled for 5:00 pm EST today.

PJTN Leader Addresses Anti-Semitism in America

Laurie Cardoza-Moore, founder of nationally recognized “watchdog” group Proclaiming Justice To The Nations (PJTN), an organization which has remained continually active on the frontline confrontation of anti-Semitism for more than a decade, today issued a warning in the wake of Saturday’s tragedy in Pittsburgh.

The Legacy and Impact of Hispanic Educational Ministries

The Department of Hispanic Educational Ministries, or its legal acronym USA HEM, is the unified ecosystem of biblical, ministerial, and theological education of the Church of God for all its constituents in the United States and Canada. Its priority mission is to prepare servant leaders, which it has been carrying out with more than 98 percent effectiveness of many leaders, ministers, and pastors in various ministries of the local church around the world. As a result, hundreds of pastors, church planters, biblical and discipleship teachers, evangelists, and others have gone out to work on Christ’s mission, “from the bench to the field.”

Family Research Council Calls for National Day of Prayer and Reconciliation

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, who is traveling in the Middle East, released the following statement calling for a national day of prayer and reconciliation:

Millennials: 57 Percent Say Abortion is a Sin

Surprising findings about the beliefs of 18-34-year-olds have been released. Millennials hold more conservative views than older adults in several areas, as revealed by Ligonier Ministries’ 2018 State of Theology survey.

Church of God to Honor Retired Ministers and Widows This Sunday

This Sunday, October 28, 2018 is Retired Ministers and Widows Appreciation Day in the Church of God.

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