New Book Offers Hope for Those Struggling with God’s Plan and Timing

Lori and Bryan Schumaker were sure they were in God’s will. They knew the little orphan girl in Bulgaria was the one God had created to be theirs—but His plan and His timing did not match theirs. Despite several affirmations and nudges that seemed to be from the Holy Spirit, so many obstacles came between them and their little one that the adoption they were longing for at times seemed hopeless. In fact, at one point they were told another family had adopted the child.

Heartbroken and struggling to understand, the Schumakers attempted to move on. Peace eluded Lori, and anger built, unnoticed, within her. It wasn’t until she dealt with the walls she had allowed to come between her and God that she experienced true surrender and real trust in her Savior. The bitterness melted away, and the peace, hope, and joy she’d been missing returned. And God began to move.

In a series of seemingly impossible coincidences—events that could only be divine intervention—the Schumakers learned the previous adoption had fallen through and their precious Selah was still available. The difficulties increased, but with renewed faith and trust in the perfect will of God, the Schumakers moved ahead, and on April 4, 2011, a beautiful little girl from Bulgaria became part of a forever family—proof that God’s way is the best way.

In Surrendered Hearts, author Lori Schumaker tells her story with the goal of encouraging others to trust the Father, even in their darkest days. “Sometimes hope is scary,” she says. “Hoping for the impossible feels a lot like letting go. It’s giving your heart a chance to hurt again. But it’s also giving your faith a chance to point to a God who is bigger than your mountains.” Lori’s testimony of faith proves that while His timing is beyond our comprehension, it is always perfect.

Lori Schumaker is an educator, author, speaker, certified life coach, and popular blogger at For review copies and media interviews, contact: [email protected]

(Source: Christian Newswire)

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