Teacher Defends ‘Transgender Reveal’ to Kindergartners

ROCKLIN, Calif. — Concerned mothers and fathers flooded a school board meeting Monday in response to a Kindergarten teacher that introduced a student to her class as transgender without notifying parents. Now, another parent at the same school is outraged that her child was sent to the principal’s office for “misgendering” a male classmate who now identifies as a girl.

Billy Graham Rapid Response Team Chaplains Deployed

Following last night’s landfall of Hurricane Harvey, crisis-trained chaplains with the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team are arriving in Texas this weekend to offer emotional and spiritual care to evacuees, and to assess the areas with the greatest need. Billy Graham Rapid Response Team support vehicles are also en route, with more than 100 additional chaplains standing by as the situation and overall destruction becomes clearer.

Operation Compassion Prepares for Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey is forecast to become a category 3 hurricane before its landfall later tonight or into early Saturday somewhere between Port O’Conner and Matagorda Bay, Texas. Weather forecasters are predicting a catastrophic and life-threatening landfall with 6 to 12 feet of flooding as more than 3 feet of rain is expected. As winds climb to 125 mile per hour or more devastating damage to homes, businesses and other structures are likely.

New Novel Set in a Future World Without God

Can a scientist offer insight into faith? Some Christians view science with suspicion and fear, but pharmaceutical scientist Dr. Randy Dockens believes science can help us better understand God.

Post Charlottesville, Colleges and Universities Must Address Issues of Diversity

In the wake of the white supremacist demonstration and the subsequent tragic events in Charlottesville, Virginia, racial tensions in the United States stand as palpable as ever. As the fall semester quickly approaches for colleges and universities around the country, no institution can ignore the need for deep conversations about race and ethnicity. But colleges and universities face a unique set of challenges as they explore these topics.

Global Fire Advance Reports On Recent India Outreach

I recently returned from a very productive trip to four church planting locations in India. Presently, we have a total of five training sites and they are doing exceptionally well. We were in Ranchi, New Delhi, Hyderabad and Mumbai, which combined, has more than 50 million people. Only 2% of this 50 million plus are Christian. The rest are mostly Hindu with maybe a little less than 10% Muslim.

Putting the Power of Possibility into the Hands of A Child

The written word has the power to set people free. Throughout human history, God has given us a narrative that reveals our creation story, our past, and even our future in Christ Jesus. When the persecution of the early church and 1st century followers of Christ wasn’t enough to squash the spreading flame of the gospel, the enemy attacked our ability to access and read the Bible. For hundreds of years, nobody except an elite few had access to scriptures and text to read and study in their own language.

Group Partners with Christian Cinema for Film Series

Life Action is excited to announce its partnership with Christian Cinema for the release of their unique mini-series event, The Wasteland.

Overseers Recognized for ‘Ministry of Excellence’

Orlando, Fla.–State and regional overseers for the Church of God, gathering in Orlando, Florida for the FINISH Forum Leadership Conference, were recognized for their participation and fulfillment of a program of achievement and goals as outlined by General Overseer Timothy M. Hill.

‘When God Says Go’

In a time when world events are escalating, many people are selling their so-called solutions with slick answers, for ways to overcome obstacles. Most of these resolutions do not work. Many come to the end result and remain stuck in bondage. “When God Says Go” is changing this outcome as it delivers an actual movement garnering awareness among church leaders and within congregations. The author of “When God Says Go” is extending her tour as she steps in directly to congregations to deliver a poignant message and an impactful approach to change.

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