The Rebirth of Spiritus at ORU

Tulsa, OK – Oral Roberts University’s College of Theology and Ministry and the ORU Library’s Holy Spirit Research Center are excited to announce volume two of Spiritus: ORU Journal of Theology. It is a resurrection of sorts since ORU published the first volume in 1985. Why the School of Theology at that time never published another one is a mystery, but current ORU leadership decided now is the time to continue this important work. The current issue will give honor to the first journal as it refocuses on studies emphasizing the Spirit-empowered movement especially in the Majority World.

Spiritus not only advances the vision of ORU founder Oral Roberts to bring God’s healing power to the world, it also actively promotes a global exchange of views and fosters conversations among Spirit-empowered leaders and communities.

“Spiritus promotes mutual learning, the exchange of ideas and experiences, and the exploration of new theological domains and approaches,” said Dr. Jeffrey Lamp, Spiritus Co-editor and New Testament Professor at ORU. “Spiritus endeavors to show that the Spirit-empowered movements in the world are inextricably connected to the larger church of Jesus Christ throughout space and time.”

Central to the relaunch of Spiritus is Dr. Wonsuk Ma, a long-time global academic missionary and now Distinguished Professor of Global Christianity for ORU’s Graduate School of Theology and Ministry. Not only is he serving as co-editor of Spiritus, but Dr. Ma has also been given the task of creating a Ph.D. program in theology.

“The publication of Spiritus is a visible sign of the university’s commitment to becoming a thought leader for global Spirit-empowered Christianity,” said Dr. Ma. “ORU’s Ph.D. program, currently being developed, will add the function of knowledge-creation to its excellent work of leadership training. The journal is a mechanism to share the created knowledge with its global constituencies. Therefore, this is an historic moment for the institution breaking new ground for the future of global Christianity.”

This is where Spiritus comes in, giving ORU a new outlet to highlight and celebrate what is happening with theological research.

“My vision is not just to have a top research degree program but also one that will become a catalyst to create a research culture, an added dimension to this fine university,” said Dr. Ma.

Volume 2 features an article from Dr. Vinson Synan, “Oral Roberts: Son of Pentecostalism, Father of the Charismatic Movement”, and Dr. Ma, “The Tragedy of Spirit-Empowered Heroes: A Close Look at Samson and Saul.” Another exciting feature will be the inclusion of at least one study in each issue from an emerging scholar currently working on his or her graduate studies.

Spiritus: ORU Journal of Theology will be published semi-annually in March and September. Each issue will be available at no cost for authorized uses at It can also be purchased in print when the “Buy” button is added to the above listed site.

(Source: Oral Roberts University)

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