Operation Compassion Continues Relief Effort in Texas

Operation Compassion is in full disaster relief mode as semi-trucks are moving into the disaster area created by Hurricane Harvey and the aftermath of the torrential rainfall that tallied more than 50 inches and counting. Food, bottled water, blankets, cleaning supplies and hygiene products are a few of the items contained in each truck. Each semi-truck contains 24 pallets of product which weighs approximately 40,000 pounds.

Hill to be Featured Artist on XM Station

Church of God General Overseer Tim Hill will be the featured artist on the Sirius XM satellite radio station Enlighten, a channel featuring Southern Gospel music 24/7 located at channel 65.

Wittenberg Declaration Celebrates ‘Journey of Reconciliation and Unity’

The 44th conference of the International Ecumenical Fellowship (IEF) has released a “Declaration of Wittenberg: We walk towards the visible unity of the Church,” a statement that culminated the week-long assembly, held 21-28 August.

The theme of the conference was “From the True Treasure of the Churches – Discovering the Gospel Together.”

The declaration observes both the 50 years the IEF has existed, and the 500 years that have passed since the Reformation. “Since its founding in 1967, the IEF has sought to instil in its members a yearning for unity,” reads the declaration. “With joy, we celebrate the unending work of promoting bridges of dialogue and encounter, the mission to heal wounds, to reconcile and to witness together our faith in Christ.”

The declaration challenges people to transform a painful history of conflict and indifference into a journey of reconciliation and unity.

“Through our own history of 50 years, we have tried to contribute to this journey and will continue to do so,” the declaration continues. “But we cannot advance without recognizing each other as brothers and sisters.”

The assembly agreed that, more than ever, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is a common treasure, that brings churches to continuous conversion, reform and renewal. Those gathered also thanked God for the spiritual gifts they received through sharing meals, prayers, songs and ecumenical dialogue.

“Through our togetherness, we experience acute pain for not being able always to celebrate the Eucharist in communion with each other,” the declaration reads. “Nevertheless our joy is great when, under certain circumstances church leaders offer eucharistic hospitality.”

The assembly expressed its intention to improve ecumenical relationships by working as Christians together to foster Christian values in a secularized society, to welcome and support immigrants and refugees, and to promote justice and peace and the integrity of creation.

“In this new beginning we are convinced that visible unity in reconciled diversity is more than ever the ultimate Christian goal that our Lord prayed for,” concluded the declaration. “To realize this goal we commit ourselves to explore new means, new ways, new generations, new countries.”

(Source: Christian Newswire)

General Overseer Gives Update on Hurricane Harvey

CLEVELAND, TN: With up to 30 percent of Houston, Texas, America’s fourth largest city, under water after receiving more than 50 inches of rain from Hurricane Harvey, the Church of God family around the world has extended its prayers and support to help in the recovery efforts in South Texas. Further, with the storm now making another hit on Southwest Louisiana, our prayers and efforts also include that area. In speaking about this massive storm, Dr. Timothy M. Hill, General Overseer of the Church of God, offered these comments:

A Message of Comfort During the Storm

It was bad enough that Pastor Steve McKnight and his wife, Teresa, lost both their house and their church when Hurricane Katrina slammed into New Orleans 12 years ago. Last weekend they had to evacuate their house again—this time in Corpus Christi, Texas—because Hurricane Harvey was headed straight toward them.

Kudos to Evangelicals

Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on a statement issued by evangelical leaders August 29:

FINISH Forum Concludes in Orlando

State/regional overseers and their spouses wrapped up a three-day leadership conference in Orlando. Florida last Thursday. Entitled the FINISH Forum, the gathering covered vital topics of interest specific to state and regional overseers and featured a number of speakers, both inside and outside the Church of God.

The Rebirth of Spiritus at ORU

Tulsa, OK – Oral Roberts University’s College of Theology and Ministry and the ORU Library’s Holy Spirit Research Center are excited to announce volume two of Spiritus: ORU Journal of Theology. It is a resurrection of sorts since ORU published the first volume in 1985. Why the School of Theology at that time never published another one is a mystery, but current ORU leadership decided now is the time to continue this important work. The current issue will give honor to the first journal as it refocuses on studies emphasizing the Spirit-empowered movement especially in the Majority World.

Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church: This Is Going to Devastate Us for Years to Come

“If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry,” Lakewood Church’s Senior Communications Director Don Iloff tells Charisma News while standing outside in the pouring rain in Houston.

Prayer Alert Issued for Hurricane; Facebook Live Event Planned for 3:00 P.M.

Monday, August 28, 2017–Since the threat of Hurricane Harvey became imminent late last week, Church of God leaders have been monitoring the weather event and the subsequent devastating floods that are now occurring. Operation Compassion and God’s Pit Crew, two disaster-relief agencies with ties to the Church of God, have been en route to the affected areas and are providing relief and supplies.

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