Pastor Cracks Bible’s Secret Numeric Code, Revealing God’s Fingerprint on Creation

The Bible is by far the most powerful and life-changing book on earth. It has answers for every problem you face. It contains adventure-filled stories that have fascinated generations over the years.

And it highlights the mystery of the ages—God’s plan to save mankind through the death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

But what people may not know the Bible also contains is a numeric code. Did you realize that Greek and Hebrew letters can also translate to numbers? When you study what these letters and words mean numerically, you can see mind-blowing connections. And not only is this numeric code is woven throughout the Scriptures, but Pastor Larry Jackson says you can see it throughout creation.

Jackson pastors Bethel Outreach International Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. He discovered this numeric code in the Bible back in 2008. He says God gave him a prophetic word to have another service on Aug. 8, 2008. Jackson didn’t know why, though. So he began investigating.

“As we went into deeper study, my friend Dr. Michael Brown told me some things to look up,” he says. “When I did that, I found out that, in the Greek language, the name Jesus is the numerical value 888. Jesus is the triple new beginnings.”

Jackson realized Jesus wanted Jackson’s church to celebrate His name on a date that followed the same 888 pattern. Jackson says that as he looked into this even further, he found that other variations of Jesus’ name were also in multiples of 8.

“So Jesus is that new beginning, and there is no way that can be a mistake,” he says. “That has to be by design.”

Another incredible discovery Jackson stumbled upon was the numeric value for “Lord Jesus Christ,” which is 31-68. When Jackson looked up 3.168 latitude, he realized that’s where the city of Bethlehem is located.

“If you put a box around the earth and every side touches the side of the earth and then you check the circumference, it’s 31,680 miles,” he says. “So that number for ‘Lord Jesus Christ’ is showing up in other places.

“As a matter of fact, the refuge city where if you kill somebody you could go to and have refuge because you did it by mistake—the circumference around that equals 3,168 miles. Well, that’s His name again.”

In doing this, Jesus basically signed His name for every nation to see. People across the world may not all speak the same language, Jackson says, but we all speak the same numbers.

Jackson found that as he taught what he was learning, others were incredibly encouraged. He has actually written a new book about the topic called Knowing God by the Numbers, which you can find at or on Amazon.

(Source: Charisma Media)

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