The Answer to Church Growth

Most Churches in the U.S. have an average membership of 60-75 members. Out of that only about 10% really support what the pastor is doing. These statistics are some of the leading factors in why so many churches are failing.

Church Growth Mastery dot com along with Church Growth Momentum dot com has begun a training program on ministry growth and expansion that is parallel to none. Church leaders all over world are now talking about this and recommending the program.

When 90% of pastors are polled they say that they are worried about the following; church growth, revenue, and congregation participation top the list; people are expecting more from their spiritual leaders. With the advent of the internet and broad worldwide distribution it is now easy to give them more of what they are looking for.

Technology and the proper use of it is the answer to many small struggling ministries. When, more than half of your congregation is on Facebook and other social networking sites, you have to be there as well to be able to compete.

At Church Growth Mastery dot com, you can now learn the exact process to growing your ministry in the 21st century. Our lack of knowledge is the cause for ending of many churches worldwide. The key factors in ministry growth today is of course a calling by God, a great use of technology, and a firm understanding of the problems that people are facing.

(Source: Christian Newswire)

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