Sky Angel’s TV Service Adds Inspirational Country Radio to Lineup

Sky Angel, a national provider of Christian and family-friendly television and radio programming, announces the addition of Inspirational Country Radio to its channel lineup. The channel can be heard on Channel 206 for subscribers with either the Faith Package or the Family Values Pak. Sky Angel’s television service offers 80+ channels of programming with affordable plans starting at $14.99 per month, visit to learn more.

Inspirational Country Radio presents the best in positive country music and Christian country music… blended together to give a picture of the life the way God intended… living the abundant life. Inspirational Country Radio was formed to send the message that Jesus saves and His saving grace can permeate every aspect of our lives.

“Inspirational Country Radio airs uplifting, inspiring Country music that many Sky Angel subscribers will enjoy. Some songs praise God and His Son, Jesus Christ, while others sing about everyday life, traditional family values and patriotism. Now there’s something for every style of music available to Sky Angel subscribers,” said Brian Collins, Sr. VP – Programming/Media Sales.

“You may hear a love song on Inspirational Country Radio about a man’s love for his wife. There is no need to separate it from the next song that gives a picture of God’s saving grace. It’s life the way God wanted for us. Listen to Inspirational Country Radio and give it a whirl. You might just realize that you can carry Jesus with you every second of every day for the rest of your life,” said Leon Joplin, founder of Inspirational Country Radio.

Sky Angel offers subscribers more than 80 faith-based and family-friendly television and radio channels, with entertainment, educational, sports and news programming compatible with your current TV service. Sky Angel requires no dish or antenna, is easily installed, and includes value-added features like 48-hour playback on all faith-based television channels plus an ever-growing Video-On-Demand library with free and fee-based selections. To learn more, or to subscribe, visit or call 1-800-SKY-ANGEL (1-800-759-2643).

About Sky Angel:
Sky Angel® U.S. LLC is a Christian-owned multi-channel provider of faith-based and family-friendly television and radio programming. Founded by Robert Johnson Sr. more than 29 years ago, Sky Angel was created to provide a Christ-centered and family-friendly alternative to the standard television fare. Since then, his vision has grown into a service providing quality television and radio programming to all corners of the United States. Sky Angel’s mission is to build and operate a global communications system to assure the Gospel will penetrate every nation, culture and people. Sky Angel also carries the Parents Television Council’s® prestigious Entertainment Seal of Approval™, which recognizes excellence and social responsibility in programming.

About Inspirational Country Radio:
Inspirational Country Radio is country music with a message. All of the programming on ICR is dedicated to glorifying God, remembering the blessings of our country and strengthening families. It’s “Country Music…For Heaven’s Sake.” Learn more at

(Source: Christian Newswire)

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