Yaun, Reyes to Lead Youth and Discipleship

Indianapolis, IN–A new Youth and Discipleship team was nominated during Tuesday’s 79th International General Assembly.

Bishop Brian Yaun was picked to transition from the Assistant role to Director of Youth and Discipleship. Yaun served as the Assistant for the past four years. Bishop Max Reyes was elected as the Assistant Director of Youth and Discipleship.

Yaun and his wife Cathy, hope to continue to build on the foundation laid by former director Bishop Rob and Christal Bailey.

Max Reyes, left, and Brian Yaun (click photo to enlarge)

“The Baileys have left a solid foundation on which to build, and we will both enhance and expand our reach through resourcing, equipping, and worshipping together,” Yaun stated. “I’m grateful for Bishop Bailey’s intentional onboarding process in preparing me for the Director’s portfolio prior to my election as International Director. His desire to help me succeed in every way has been a blessing.”

Yaun enters with a vision to empower by investing into this generation and making Disciples. “At the core, Church of God Youth and Discipleship exists to ensure students know their faith, are equipped to grow in their faith, and live to show their faith. We must make disciples.” Yaun said. “To be about the Great Commission, we must “INVEST our BEST.”

Bishop Yaun’s vision is built around the acronym INVEST. I – IGNITE, N – NURTURE, V – VALUE, E – EMPOWER, S – SHAPE, T – TRAIN.

If confirmed, joining Bishop Yaun is Assistant Youth Director Bishop Reyes and his wife, Rebeca. The Reyes’ are no strangers to the Youth Department, as they have served as Youth Directors in Ohio and Michigan.

“It’s one of the greatest honors, it’s hard to even imagine,” Reyes said. “To be able to serve in a position and a department that has blessed me so much, it is incredible. It is also an honor to be able to serve with Bishop Brian and Cathy Yaun.

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