April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

There are nearly 2 million confirmed new victims of child abuse reported annually and over 100K children are awaiting adoption. Children aging out of foster care have extremely poor outcomes. Most end up on the street, in jail or dead within the first year.

Churches are the perfect partners in the fight against child abuse. We bring faith, encouragement, and resources into the most heartbreaking mission of all, abused children.

Please join millions for the 30th Annual Blue Sunday Day of Prayer for abused children on April 28th. Pray the children are rescued, placed with good people, their hearts and bodies healed, and please pray for those who rescue them.

Blue Sunday Day of Prayer for Abused Children began in 1994 with 20 churches and has grown into a national/international campaign reaching over 17 million people that has led the way for churches to connect with the needs of abused children living in their own cities.

Visit bluesunday.org to register and receive free resources.

(SOURCE: Blue Sunday Child Abuse Prevention via Christian Newswire)

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