Author Encourages Readers to Embrace Revival in the End Times

Pastor Phil Hotsenpiller is issuing a clarion call for Christians to wake up and confront the spirit of fear as we near the end times in his book, “It’s Midnight in America.”

“The spirit of fear has paralyzed us into believing the ancient lie that appeasement is better than courage and conformity is preferable to freedom,” Hotsenpiller writes. “The church is so hungry to be accepted by the world that is has relinquished its power, forfeited its birthright, and accepted its place as nonessential.”

While there are many issues simmering in the church during our present time, Hotsenpiller doesn’t just provide a dark tale of the problems presented in the modern church. Instead, he also gives practical, hopeful ways that Christians can stand firm in their faith despite incoming persecution or turmoil. Even as we are approaching the final strike of midnight, Hotsenpiller shares how we can embrace courage and cling to the promise of Christ’s return.

“In times of uncertainty, fear can grip our hearts, leaving us paralyzed and doubtful. However, faith is an anchor that steadies us in the face of life’s storms.”

As the world continues to encroach upon the rights and the ways that we live our lives, Christians can stand tall in the midst of adversity. Readers don’t have to be afraid or back down from the plans and purposes that God has laid on their hearts. Instead, this is the moment God is asking each of His followers to run toward Him as He prepares for His ultimate rule and reign with those who truly know Him as Lord.

“It’s Midnight in America,” published by FrontLine, an imprint of Charisma House, releases on April 2 and is available online and wherever books are sold.

Phil Hotsenpiller is cofounder and senior pastor with his wife, Tammy, of Influence Church in Anaheim Hills, California.

(SOURCE: Charisma Media)

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