World Missions Conducts Inaugural Emerging Leaders Conference

Cleveland, TN—That the global church of tomorrow needs an emergent generation of leaders and missionaries today was the heartbeat behind the Church of God World Missions newest ministry investment in students and young adults conducted February 23-25, 2024.

In a move that marks a new chapter for global evangelism, World Missions held its first-ever Emerging Leaders Conference, casting vision for the global harvest and giving a platform for young adults and students from across the nation to voice their heart for the global missions field.

Under the leadership of Director M. Thomas Propes and Assistant Director John D. Childers, the conference brought a diverse group of young leaders from more than 24 states and regions to the World Evangelization Center at the International Offices. Mark Swank and Dewayne Moree of World Missions helped coordinate the event, which aimed to inspire and equip the next generation of Christian leaders with the necessary tools, knowledge, and spiritual guidance to become effective agents of change in the global harvest.

Emerging Leaders participants (click photo to enlarge)

Propes emphasized the importance of mentorship and support for young leaders in his opening address: “The future of missions depends on the passion and commitment of emerging leaders,” he told the audience. “It is our responsibility to nurture and guide them as they walk in their calling.”

Childers echoed these sentiments, adding, “This conference is more than an event; it’s a launching pad for a lifetime of service in the Kingdom of God. We are here to kindle the flame that will light up the world with the love of Christ.”

The event featured a series of workshops, keynote speakers, and breakout sessions designed to provoke thought and action among the attendees. Topics ranged from cross-cultural communication and sustainable development to spiritual resilience and innovative evangelism strategies.

The sessions not only delivered valuable content, but also facilitated meaningful connections among the participants. “Our goal was to create an environment where these young leaders could forge relationships that will strengthen them in their mission work,” said Swank.

The conference culminated in a powerful prayer and commissioning service, where attendees committed themselves to be active participants in the global harvest. The energy and dedication in the room were testaments to the event’s success to inspire a new generation of mission-driven individuals.

As the conference ended, attendees left with renewed vigor and clarity of purpose. Church of God World Missions laid the groundwork for an annual event that promises to shape the future of global evangelism, “one leader at a time.”

“We are overjoyed by the outcome of this inaugural conference,” Moree said. “The seeds planted here will undoubtedly grow into a bountiful harvest for the Kingdom of God. We look forward to seeing how these emerging leaders will impact the world through their dedication to the mission.”

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