Book Challenges, Redefines Missionary Paradigms

In an era where over a third of the world lacks access to the gospel, Greg Kelley, CEO of Unknown Nations, embarks on a pivotal journey to reverse this vast discrepancy in his new book, “Last 4 Words.” Echoing the command of Jesus Christ to spread His word to the “ends of the Earth,” Kelley unveils an unsettling reality about contemporary mission efforts and offers a blueprint to alter the trajectory of global evangelism.

“I did a detailed examination, immersing myself in research while meeting global leaders to understand our status regarding the completion of the Great Commission. What I uncovered was cavernous gaps in our global mission strategies.” Kelley writes. “My firsthand experiences, research and conversations revealed a shocking reality. Our methodologies are falling dramatically short of Jesus’ call to spread His word to every corner of the world.”

Kelley’s insightful journey sheds light on a profound hypothesis: What if during Jesus’ feeding of the 5,000, only the initial rows were nourished, leaving the others in want? He identifies a parallel in present-day missionary efforts where a meager penny from every dollar directed towards foreign missions reaches the most secluded and deprived areas of the world.

“As I pored through mountains of data and interacted with legendary missionaries, the revelation was profound: our strategies are in dire need of a strategic overhaul,” Kelley observes. “Not only do we need to acknowledge the disparities in our mission work, but we must also be prepared to effectuate comprehensive, practical solutions to address them.”

“Last 4 Words.” invites readers not merely to identify these glaring gaps in global mission work but also to become part of a tangible, transformative solution. The book is a blueprint for practical and impactful strategies to ensure the Gospel is genuinely disseminated to the “ends of the Earth,” reaffirming the authenticity of Jesus’ mission and call.

Mark Batterson, Lead Pastor at National Community Church, and a New York Times bestselling author, has championed Kelley’s work, commenting, “Greg Kelley has written a book that will change the way you look at global missions. This book will be a revolutionary resource for you for years to come!”

Kevin Sorbo, leading actor, producer, and director, also applauds Kelley’s contributions, stating “You’ll be shocked to learn how many people still remain without their first gospel witness and how God wants to use you to reach them. I know you’ll devour ‘Last 4 Words’ like I did!”

Greg Kelley has dedicated over two and a half decades to mission leadership, engaging on both the local and global stages to infuse a fresh, strategic perspective into evangelistic methodologies. His book, “Last 4 Words.” is an extension of this commitment – a rigorously researched, deeply personal exploration into the present state of mission work and a persuasive call for a comprehensive re-evaluation and reform.

“Last 4 Words” is available for purchase from Amazon.

(SOURCE: Goodwill Media Services via Christian Newswire)

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