Making Sermons Become Bold Christian Apparel

In the ever-evolving landscape of ministry, churches are now transforming helpful sermon titles or points into Christian apparel to reach unengaged audiences. Streetwear and street fashion merchandise that resonates with congregants, communities, and social media followers are rising in fame. Godly Writes LLC, an emerging Christian Apparel company, provides churches and other ministries with free information that helps them create ‘church merch’ apparel.

When one phrase encapsulates the message of an online sermon video, those who liked, commented, or shared the video online will equally resonate with the sermon’s core message on Christian apparel. When a message touches people, they are passionate about sharing it with others in any form.

I am a pastor who used a point from a sermon to create Christian streetwear. ‘Love is not a Feeling’ is featured on the front of shirts and caps, using a crossed-out equal sign signifying ‘is not’ (LOVE ≠ FEELING). The response to this design is astounding. The message continues on the back of the shirts, which says, ‘Even if the feeling goes we still gotta love.’ There are ways to create stunning and attractive designs for Church merchandise that cause curious people to start conversations with those wearing the message. The desired results are salvation and encouragement.

Christian and Gospel artists print lyrics and song titles onto merchandise to sell at their shows as tangible reminders of their brand and impactful expressions of personal belief. Churches can do the same.

Almost every church is near a high school, college, or university. Incorporate a school’s colors into your church’s merchandise for an intended recognizable factor.

Virtually every modern culture on earth has influenced people of all ages to examine the attire of any passing individual, from head to toe. This type of brief wardrobe-scanning seems socially acceptable, welcomed, and desired. People purchase apparel pieces that draw attention to themselves for complements expressed outwardly or inwardly. It’s the ‘gaze of approval’ they’re after. The messages on Christian apparel cause the same reaction from by-passers. Therefore, the general community is culturally prepared for church messages to be sported out front and in the center of their view. Churches have a novel way to reach their communities for Christ. (John 14:12)

(SOURCE: Godly Writes LLC via Christian Newswire)

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