Project Pray Announces 21 Days of Prayer

America’s Prayer Meeting Movement has announced an Outreach of Project Pray in partnership with the World School of Prayer (South Korea) for the first 21 days of 2024.

Beginning Monday, January 1, Project Pray will sponsor a national call to prayer each evening beginning at 8:30 PM EST. National leaders, along with P. Douglas Small, will host the call and facilitate prayer for the nation.

“We are at a place,” Small noted, “a good place – where our only hope is God, and a national spiritual awakening.” The nation has had numerous spiritual awakenings, the first Small noted, gave birth to the nation. Now we need another to save it.

Each evening, national leaders will facilitate a Bible-based called to prayer. Claude King, who co-authored the runaway best seller, Experiencing God, as well as Fresh Encounter, and most recently, The Final Command is directing a key part of the effort. Dr. Tom Phillips, former Vice President at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and International Director of Crusades for many years will lead some of the calls. Larry Lane, former pastor and Executive Director of the Sentinel Group will be involved in leadership as will Aaron Park, Executive Director of the World School of Prayer, John Whaley, Rooftop Ministries, David Nixon, author and former Superintendent for the Nazarene Church.

Denominational and national para-church leaders will join the calls each evening as special guests. In addition to praying the Bible, as a nation, each evening will feature a special emphasis in prayer. These will include revival reports as well as revival needs. “We will pray,” Small said, “for the pain of the culture, over our brokenness, but we will also rejoice over the flashes of light, the encouragement of revival signs.

Finally, each night a city will be featured in prayer – one of the cities to which the Korean teams are coming for prayer in May 2024. Small again noted that Christians from South Korea have sent 61 intercessory teams to America to pray for revival here. They have spread out from border to border, from corner to corner. Dr. Nam Soo Choi, pastor of the Kwang Myong Presbyterian Church in Seoul Korea believes God commissioned him to send prayer teams to America to pray for a spiritual awakening here that would touch the world!

The number for the prayer call is 518-318-7117 (No Code). 8:30 PM EST each evening from January 1-21. Other listen-only outlets will be available as well. Look for additional information.
Contact Project Pray. 7040-938-9111.

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