‘For His Glory’ Truth & Liberty Coalition Conference 2023

Conservative Christians came together from across America to celebrate constitutional rights and biblical truth at the fourth annual Truth & Liberty Coalition Conference at Charis Bible College September 7-9.

The conference featured a powerhouse list of speakers Andrew Wommack, David Barton, Alex McFarland, Chad Connelly, Janet Porter, Lucas Miles, Mohamad Faridi, and Richard Harris – along with a representative of Congress U.S. Rep. Doug Lamborn.

Host Andrew Wommack emphasized that “we all need each other” to stop the cultural decay in America. The Truth & Liberty Coalition president prayed, “Thank you, Jesus, for the seeds planted during the conference.” He blessed all the conservative Christian organizations that exhibited. “We are winning, and this is still your [God’s] nation,” he said.

Janet Porter, the architect of the Heartbeat Bills being passed in states nationwide, shared how she believes that our nation is on life support. “You do what it takes. Don’t be intimidated by the giants,” she said, referencing the cultural and constitutional unrest surrounding Christians today.

“Stay in faith. We have to fight, and we have to build. There is someone very powerful working with us [God],” she said.

David Barton, “America’s historian” and founder of WallBuilders, challenged Christians to “attack the strongholds and castles” in fighting the decline of religious liberty. “We have more religious liberty today than most people know,” he said. He referenced the recent Supreme Court decision on First Amendment rights. https://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/21pdf/21-418_i425.pdf.

“We can now put the Ten Commandments back into schools, memorial crosses can go back up, public invocations can be opened with prayer, ‘In God We Trust’ displays can be put back up, and nativity scenes and carols can go back into schools,” he said.

Pride in America has collapsed, according to Barton. “It is essential to know the history of our country and the Bible,” Barton said, citing a recent poll. Only 16% of Gen Zers are “proud” to live in the United States. https://morningconsult.com/2023/01/9/gen-z-corporate-activism-is-local-first/.

“Most Americans don’t get the good in our history today,” he said. He encouraged participants to “learn and tell good stories.”

Mohamad Faridi, a former Jihadi from Iran and now the president of Iranian Christian International, said, “Our country is in a battle. We cannot win this fight on our power, but with God, it is possible,” he said.

He also reminded participants, “America is the only place left for persecuted Christians.” he said.

According to Richard Harris, executive director of the Truth & Liberty Coalition, “What we are facing today can feel overwhelming.” He reminded all that “God works through people. He needs your trust.” “There is a light inside you, and that is the ‘Glory of God;’ he wants it to get out.”

Chad Connelly, founder & CEO of Faith Wins, an organization that is educating, activating, and mobilizing faith leaders to influence and impact within the government and political arena, promoted believers’ responsibility to vote for Christian values. “The Church must have a voice,” he said.

He shared how to get involved by registering to vote, helping lead voter registration in local churches, becoming a poll watcher, and/or assisting with voter integrity efforts.

Alex McFarland, a Christian apologist, author, evangelist, religion and cultural analyst, and advocate for biblical truth, stated, “God can and will use you.”

He also talked about the news media. “Engaging with reporters allows us to share the truth.” “We need to use every opportunity,” he said.

McFarland also discussed the goals of Woke Culture, including dissolving the nuclear family, abolishing capitalism, eliminating religion, abolishing the US Constitution, and raising children gender-neutral.

He also provided a plan of action:
1. Pray.
2. Pursue Christ-likeness.
3. Equip Yourself.
4. Recognize Opportunities.
5. Be a Serial Collaborator.
6. Live a Life of ‘Truth Promotion.’
Lucas Miles, a trusted voice in the American church and founder of the America Pastor Project https://americanpastorproject.org, pointed out many pastors are ill-equipped to handle the onslaught. “We need to speak the truth. We need to build strong pastors to push back the false ideology.”

He also said the church has become paralyzed because it is “genetically modified” with no seed to keep going. “Biblical teaching of the word of God has been stripped out,” Lucas said.

More than 1,500 people attended the historic event in person and online.

Attendees attended engaging workshops and discovered the power to impact their community with tools and techniques to handle woke agendas, uniting the church to change local culture and help women and unborn children in the post-Roe world.

Participants were among the first to witness Elizabeth Muren’s new stage production “Overturned,” a celebration of the historic Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade. “War between Good and Evil starts in the womb,” Muren said. “Now is the time to take care of women and mothers.”

Conservative organizations totaled 42 – a record number — as exhibitors gathered to help connect, get equipped, and encourage all to make a difference.

“The 2023 Truth & Liberty Coalition Conference empowered attendees to continue the momentum to win America for Christ,” said Harris.

Truth & Liberty Coalition, Inc. is a 501(c)(4) non-profit based in Woodland Park, Colorado. truthandliberty.net

(SOURCE: Truth & Liberty Coalition)

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