Trendy Fashion That Honors God and Women

Pretty Little Patriot, an innovative and groundbreaking fashion brand for women, opened its doors last week. The announcement of the online shop has been creating a buzz in the conservative market as top influencers in the faith and freedom realm seek to promote and support businesses that honor their values. PLP answers a need and quenches a thirst for conservative women to shop at a store that honors their role in society, respects their values and yet remains affordable and strikingly fashionable. Merging modest elegance with the allure of trendy styles, Pretty Little Patriot aims to address the needs of the underrepresented demographic in the fashion industry – women wishing to dress both tastefully and trendsetting, while supporting a woman-owned company that values them.

Founders Kendall Bailey, Lindsey Graham, and Pamela Jean Noble, known widely in Christian and conservative influential circles, have carefully curated a collection that captivates the spirit of true femininity. Featuring an array of edgy, feminine, and tailored pieces, PLP caters to every woman’s vibe. Each collection unique in its series features tastes and character sure to appeal to a vast majority of women.

From family vacations to fundraising events; from baby showers to weddings; from Sunday service to date night, Pretty Little Patriot offers shoppers not just fun and flirty pieces, but the power to embrace confidence in her style.

The company has built its foundation on principle and the powerful, unwavering belief that no woman can be replaced. The definitive difference between this brand and many other modern-day brands are the core values that so prominently honor God, His divine and perfect creation of man and woman, and the beauty of womanhood, including motherhood. Even the brand’s signature XX logo is a nod to the Creator of woman and the brand’s promise to empower and lead the fiercely female movement.

In a market that has been largely ignored, Pretty Little Patriot is proudly serving the largest working and shopping class in America, while maintaining the values that define them. It’s time to shop and indulge in fashion without compromising your principles at

(SOURCE: Pretty Little Patriot)

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