Event Celebrates 365 Challenge, Casts Vision for the Future

Cleveland, TN—Church of God World Missions conducted a much-anticipated live stream event re-capping the successful first year of the 365 Challenge, partnering with Church of God churches and individuals around the globe.

The Facebook Live event, “First Year Finishes Strong,” took place from the David C. Blair Center at the Church of God International Offices on Tuesday, September 12 at 7:30 pm EST.

Announced at the Church of God General Assembly in July 2022, the 365 Challenge is designed to be the Church of God response, “to the last, the least, and the lost of humanity.” The initiative looks to advance the Kingdom of God by focusing on three key elements – the physical, material, and spiritual needs of humanity. Over the past year, the worldwide response to the challenge was met with hundreds who responded to the request to give at least $365 toward accomplishing the objectives.

Leading the celebration event was General Director of Church of God World Missions M. Thomas Propes, whose vision for the challenge was simply, “prayer and partnership.”

“Throughout the past 365 days, we’ve shared stories of hope and transformation accomplished through the 365 Challenge,” Propes stated. “Thanks to your unwavering partnership, tonight we stand together to celebrate these remarkable works.”

A video focused on highlights of the past year, including the establishment of Pastors Coalition INSPIRE events. Telling the stories of Church of God missionaries turned into several regional events.

Another focus highlighted the provision of medical care. A team was dispatched to improve healthcare access in Peru and construct a medical clinic in Zambia.

“We feel it is essential to approach healthcare holistically, recognizing that physical health is intertwined with the wellness of the whole person,” Propes stated, “integrating spiritual support into our medical services.”

Through the generosity of their partners, Church of God World Missions has been at the forefront of disaster relief in the past year, including the wildfires on Maui and the cyclone in Malawi, working to rebuild lives and communities in the face of adversity.

Giving to the 365 Challenge has also resulted in the construction of two homes for children in India, as well as a new church in Myanmar and resources for an existing congregation in Kenya.

Generous donations to the 365 Challenge have also provided critical aid, rehabilitation, and hope to survivors of human trafficking. In addition, refugees forced to flee persecution in their countries have found safe haven in shelters, surrounded by a caring community.

Director of Church of God World Missions M. Thomas Propes, right, is joined by Assistant Director John D. Childers as they announce the Water initiative (click photo to enlarge)

During the livestream, Propes interviewed General Overseer Tim Hill where Propes shared statistics from the past year in connection with the 365 Challenge. These included 1,442,484 new members, 606 new churches, and 1,623 new credentialed ministers, which Propes noted most of whom were under the age of 30. In donations received, it was revealed that more than $1.5 million had been collected with another $493,000 in faith promises.

As part of the evening’s announcements, World Missions leaders unveiled the launch of 365 Kids Club, a series packed with fun, engaging content designed to teach children what it means to be involved in missions. As a vehicle to onboard new team members with the 365 Challenge, World Missions put in motion the Ambassador Initiative, helping reach a younger generation of partners helping to advance their call to missions. This helped propel the new Emerging Leaders Initiative, training Generation Z in their calling to reach the last, the least and the lost.

In continuing the 365 Challenge, a highlight of the evening was Propes’ announcement of a worldwide initiative to provide safe, clean drinking water for countries where the Church of God has a presence and are in need of life-giving water. By 2025, an estimated 1.8 billion people will live in areas plagued by lack of clean water, with two-thirds of the world’s population living in water-stressed regions as a result of use, growth, and climate change. Today, 1 in 10 people lack access to safe water. The challenge is titled “Water: Life, Hope, and Community.”

“We will achieve our vision of safe water for all by continuing to unlock more funding and this is where we need your support,” said Assistant General Director of World Missions John D. Childers. “We’re asking you, our partners, to help us assist in solving the global water crisis – removing the financial barriers that stand between people in need and access to safe drinkable water. We cannot make this possible without your support and cooperation.”

To learn more about the 365 Challenge, the newly announced water initiative and how to support programs of Church of God World Missions, please visit cogwm.org.

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