Reports Come in Following Storm

On August 30, 2023, a storm named Idalia came onshore from the Gulf of Mexico as a hurricane near Tampa, Florida, and took 24 hours to wreak havoc across four states before heading off-shore into the Atlantic.

Church of God leaders in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina were prepared for the worst, but were thankful that damage to homes, churches, and businesses was minimal and not as catastrophic as it could have been. While additional reports of damage may come in over the next several hours, the leaders were most grateful at the low loss of life and injuries as most in the path of the storm took it seriously.

Tim Brown, administrative bishop for the Florida-Tampa offices said, “We are thankful that Hurricane Idalia is over. However, in the aftermath of the storm, some of our Florida-Tampa churches and parsonages have experienced roof damage, building damage, power outages and flooding. In the days ahead, we will be assessing the churches impacted by the hurricane. At this point, any funds contributed to the Florida-Tampa Church of God State Office are greatly appreciated and will be utilized in our relief efforts.”

David Gosnell, administrative bishop for South Georgia, reported there was flooding and widespread power outages in the hours following Idalia’s passage through the southern portion of the state with some roof and wind damage to churches and homes. Phil Thompson, with Church of God Men and Women of Action, stated MWOA had not been deployed, although some local chapters sprang into service to aid in tree removal and cleanup. God’s Pit Crew was on site at the Abundant Life Church in Valdosta, Ga. to provide assistance.

As requests come in following this, or any storm or disaster, Church of God affiliated organizations such as Men and Women of Action, God’s Pit Crew, and Operation Compassion stand ready to assist in recovery efforts.

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