New Book Addresses Overcoming Generational Curses

Recently social media was abuzz with a trending challenge that prompted thousands to share ‘unserious’ generational curses they were breaking such as ‘eat all the leftovers’ and ‘no sleeping in on weekends.’ While the challenge may have been funny to some, breaking generational curses is very serious business to Christians. In his latest book, ‘The Secrets to Generational Curses: Break the Stronghold in the Bloodline’ (ISBN: 978-1-62999-605-9, Charisma House), pastor and bestselling author, Alexander Pagani, reveals how to sever the generational ties of demonic forces and live a victorious Christian life.

After teaching how to break free from demonic bondage in his bestseller, ‘The Secrets to Deliverance,’ which gained wider recognition when he was featured in the recent box office blockbuster, ‘Come Out In Jesus Name,’ Pagani is releasing, ‘The Secrets to Generational Curses,’ which helps Christians identify and understand generational curses, illuminating their meanings hidden in biblical events, commandments, psalms, and prophecies, and dispels misinformation surrounding the revelation of the curses. Pagani says the book’s dominant theme and key takeaway is “what we fail to deal with in one generation will grow in the next.” He helps readers see that when these cycles are reversed, they are empowered to experience the full manifestation of Jesus’ victory in their lives.

Pagani says a generational curse, or predisposition and inclination toward a particular sin that is passed down through bloodlines upon birth, is not easily defined or outlined in Scripture the way many other things are. They can only be discovered two ways. “The first is by stumbling upon them unintentionally and the second is by searching for them intentionally. Their revelation requires the believer to become more allegorical than literal,” he explains. “This book is designed to help the reader collect the clues they’ve gathered all throughout the years and come to one conclusion: A Christian can have an active generational curse operating in their life through either ignorance, inheritance, or invitation.”

Generational curses are one of Satan’s weapons of mass destruction, and in his book, Pagani tackles seven of the most prevalent: vanity, envy, gluttony, racism, dishonor, homosexuality, and hip-hop culture. He helps readers grappling with this kind of habitual sin or who feel hindered from reaching their full potential understand that the efficacy of Christ’s work on the cross equips them to break free from the curses holding them back.

In this biblical and comprehensive guide, Pagani helps Christians learn how to:
• Understand human wirings and epigenetics

• Remove generational curses in the courtroom of heaven

• Unpack the origins of generational curses and how they happen

• Pray to help bind and loosen deep curses

• Keep the bloodline cleansed
Research has shown that epigenetic modifications, or modifications to DNA, regulate whether genes are turned on or off. Pagani says that this research indicates it is genetically possible that people are “born this way,” meaning born genetically predisposed toward a particular pattern of behavior inherited from a previous generation, which they have no control over. Because of this, Pagani’s view of “I was born this way” has changed in recent years. “I’m beginning to think that people indeed are born that way, and now it makes a bit more sense why Jesus said you must be ‘born again,’ because if epigenetic modification (also known as hereditary sin) is a real thing and a person is ‘born this way,’ then it must be broken through salvation by the regenerative power of the Holy Spirit.”

“The work of redemption broke the power of the curse but did not eradicate its presence, just as the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross broke the power of sin but did not remove sin’s presence,” writes Pagani. “The great news is that God not only will remain faithful and just in forgiving our sin but will also go a step further in helping us identify and cleanse ourselves from the curse that empowers it.”

‘The Secrets to Generational Curses,’ by Alexander Pagani, published by Charisma House, is available wherever books are sold and at

Alexander Pagani is the founder of Amazing Church in Bronx, New York.

(SOURCE: Charisma House)

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