Christian Mystery-Thriller ‘The Christ Box’ Gathers Momentum

Christian mystery-thriller “The Christ Box” by M. Rutledge McCall, Gains 4 out of 5 Stars on GoodReads…

Rumors have spread about an ancient box supposedly passed down through the generations of a woman in Jerusalem who witnesses say used the box to heal a friend on her death bed. Rumors claim the box was made by Jesus when he was an apprentice carpenter over two millennia ago. News that something made by the hands of Christ might still exist fuels rumors to a frenzy.

“Intriguing, provocative, unpredictable,” writes Kenneth Ulmer, Adjunct at Magdalene College Oxford University. “‘Da Vinci Code’-meets-‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ …unique layering of richly-conceived characters …unforeseeable plot twists and turns …riveting journey progresses from mystery and drama to thriller and adventure. …tough, iconic protagonist …a world filled with dark and powerful, deadly and even fun antagonists. …one surprising splash of a debut novel…”

When the Jerusalem Police refuse to send an officer to look into threats made against the woman by an Israeli antiquities bureaucrat who claims she stole it from a museum, her son–a former NYPD detective and now criminal attorney–flies to Israel to protect his mother from powers amassing against her, and to get her and the wooden box to safety.

“What a great work McCall has done here,” adds Phil Pringle, Chancellor of C3 College, Sydney, Australia. “…gripping and fast paced …rich and complex …could easily be a movie.”

The increasing furor surrounding the box tests his determination not to allow incidents in his past to crash him headlong back to the man he once was. And all the while, a budding romance between him and his co-counsel shatters when he discovers she’s not entirely who she says she is.

Reader, Top-Rated “Super Lawyer” Barry Putterman, adds: “McCall has stepped up the game with The Christ Box. …action is coupled with irony and complexity, the dynamics include history, politics and religion, and the plot keeps you intrigued and focused. …A perfect read for that pastime we called a vacation.”

(SOURCE: CAM Artistic Management via Christian Newswire)

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