General Overseer Launches ‘Gratitude Tour’

Church of God General Overseer Tim Hill recently announced that beginning with his summer Camp Meeting schedule, he and his wife, Paula, will dedicate his final year as general overseer to expressing their heart-felt gratitude to the membership of Church of God.

Launching his yearlong tour at the DelMarVa-D.C. camp meeting this week, Hill said, “The Church of God has played a leading role in spreading the Gospel and embracing the FINISH Commitment and we just want to say thank you.”

Tim & Paula Hill

Overseer Hill went on to highlight the church’s untiring efforts in reaping a harvest that has led to over one million people accepting Jesus as savior in recent years. The church has continually planted and built churches in 187 countries around d the world and will soon reach membership of over 8.3 million. Hill said to the camp meeting crowd, “You grew during a pandemic when most had forecast nothing but the demise of the church and the impeding of the Gospel. If the Devil thought he would shut us up and shut us down, he was dead wrong.”

Hill went on to stress his appreciation for the way the church has embraced the vision of the Executive Committee in recognizing the need to broaden its diversity, identify and empower younger generations of ministers, touch the world through media and eliminate its debts in order to achieve the continuity of future ministry.

When asked about the specifics of the yearlong tour, Hill said, “Along with all of our other appointments, Paula and I will be intentionally visiting some of the early landmarks of our ministry. We will visit churches where we pastored or had revivals in our early days. We will go to states we served in administrative roles, as well as a few nations of the world where so many lasting friendships have been made.”

Knowing the time will pass quickly, the Hills have determined to make it unforgettable as they express their love and appreciation for a church that found them as a young couple and gave them an opportunity to share the gospel around the world.

Tim Hill began his ministry as a teenager and has served the Church of God in a number of capacities, including pastor, state overseer, director of World Missions, and executive committee member. He has served as general overseer since 2016.

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