Winter Star Productions to Unveil Two New Feature Promos at NRB

At the Marriott Orlando World Center in Orlando, Florida, the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) conference at its Television Showcase Monday May 22, 2023 Winter Star Productions will premiere two of its NEW trailers for upcoming faith friendly features coming soon. “I Hate You… but it’s Killing ME”, a documentary with stories of healing for those who had their lives were destroyed by hate (for Sept. 2023), including Interviews with Dr. John Townsend (“Boundaries”), Dr. John Perkins (Christian Civil Rights Leader); and an as yet, “Untitled UFO/UAP Documentary” questioning the upcoming challenge to the Christian faith from the new worldview by films streaming on Amazon, Netflix, and History Channel which hint that intergalactic space travelers have better answers to the basic questions of life than Christianity (2024) — Interviews with astrophysicist Dr. Hugh Ross, Greg Koukl, Stand to Reason.

Winter Star Productions will also screen trailers for two of its faith friendly narrative features already available on Amazon and Google: “Secret Agent Dingledorf and His Trusty Dog Splat”, a kids adventure where three spy kids and a dog stop clowns from taking over the world — with Paul Johansson (One Tree Hill), Jason Dolley (Good Luck Charlie); and “Final Frequency” a Sci-Fi thriller where a PhD candidate prevents rogue scientists from using Nicola Tesla’s secret formulas to set off an earthquake under L.A. during a G-20 summit — with (Charles Shaughnessy (The Nanny), Lou Ferrigno, Jr. (SWAT).

Winter Star Productions owner, Derrick Warfel said that the goals of films like these are to provide thoughtful, fun, clean crossover entertainment for both believers and also those outside the church. They provide solutions for the growing hate problem in our society, give scientific and Biblical answers to the UFO/UAP question; give kids a fun romp and teach them to treat everyone with respect, and show the

(SOURCE: Winter Star Productions via Christian Newswire)

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