National Day of Prayer Is Thursday, May 4

Each year, Americans set aside a day devoted to offering prayers for the nation, its people, and its leaders. This year, the National Day of Prayer is Thursday, May 4, 2023.

For more than 21 years, The Presidential Prayer Team has actively participated, encouraging all Americans to stop and intercede for America before Almighty God. As part of its preparations, the prayer team has already opened its national prayer line where members and friends can record their own pleas and prayers. Official sign-up for the National Day of Prayer 24-hour live prayer room is also open now.

The Presidential Prayer Team president, Jim Bolthouse, said, “The United States is struggling. The nation is dealing with inflation, energy needs, and rising crime in many cities, as well as dealing with international efforts to weaken America. Whatever distresses you is of interest to God, and we invite you to draw near to Him. When you post your prayer in the live prayer room, you will encourage others to pray as well.”

Access is readily available on the website, or at www.Pray.Team.

About The Presidential Prayer Team
Founded in 2001, The Presidential Prayer Team is the nation’s largest, full-time nonpartisan ministry dedicated to encouraging and inspiring people to pray for the president and leadership of the United States of America.  The Presidential Prayer Team proudly maintains memberships in both Christian Music Broadcasters and National Religious Broadcasters.

To learn more about The Presidential Prayer Team, please visit

(SOURCE: The Presidential Prayer Team)

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