New Book Helps Believers Understand Who They Are in Christ

Within the pages of James J. Rondinone’s new book, I AM: Do you know who you are in Christ? readers will discover how God sees them and how they should see themselves.

With stories and articles, Rondinone will bring the readers an awareness of the many positional truths they have received from the Holy Spirit. Some of them are as follows. What does it mean that you were sealed with the Holy Spirit? What does it mean that you are redeemed and forgiven? What does it mean that you are dead to sin?

Ultimately, as you reflect upon these truths in your mind, your perspective about yourself, others, and the circumstances of life will change. And the reality of the spiritual blessings you’ve received will eventually be evidenced in your life.

About: James J. Rondinone is a retired high school mathematics teacher in Block Island, Rhode Island. This is the author’s twelfth book.

(SOURCE: James J. Rondinone via Christian Newswire)

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