Churches’ Medical Missions Can Qualify for Matching Contributions

Mission Match®, a project of empty tomb®, inc., has matching funds available. A church congregation can apply for matching contributions for their new or expanded medical mission projects.

The matching contributions are available for projects to be done in Jesus’ name in one of 40 countries. These 40 countries were behind the curve in reducing the rate of under-age-5 child deaths as of 2015.

The church’s project can help provide medical workers, a medical facility’s special need, or supplies to address child survival.

The church can apply for a matching contribution in amounts from $500 up to $3,000, in $500 increments.

A review of denominational Web sites found examples of medical mission needs in some of the 40 countries. Such needs included: a portable ultrasound machine; malaria nets to be combined with church planting; and rebuilding a maternity wing on a hospital in an area devastated by civil war.

The list of 40 countries is available on on the 40 Countries page.

Churches can find the Application at on the Church Application page.

Once the application is accepted, the church will have 90 days to have one or more special offerings to raise the money to be matched. It’s important that everyone in the congregation has an opportunity to contribute.

When at least the amount of money in the application is raised, Mission Match sends a check to the church for the matching contribution amount requested on the application. The church then sends the combined amount to the denominational office or nonprofit doing the actual outreach.

More information is at

(SOURCE: empty tomb, inc. via Christian Newswire)

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