‘Time Line’ New Testament Reaching the Generations

“With the 2023 release, we are reminded that God’s Word still works through all generations. There is a renewed hunger developing all across the world right now and it is sparking a passion for Christians to want to study the Word of God at a much greater depth. This is what we are seeing with the Time Line New Testament Bible.” — Dr. Leonard Hoffman, Chief Editor

“The Time Line New Testament allows readers to easily understand the historical context of each event in their proper order, making the stories and teachings of the New Testament come alive in a new way.” — Jonathan Nori, Destiny Image Publishing

The Time Line New Testament presents a historically accurate timeline of the events of the entire New Testament. This takes you beyond the “Christian owner’s manual” view of the New Testament as you follow Christ through the years of His ministry on earth. This format helps you discover new insights long obscured throughout the letters of Paul, as you travel with him on his journeys among the early churches.

About the Author:
With more than forty years of ministry, Dr. Leonard Hoffman is the editor-in-chief of the Time Line New Testament Bible.
To purchase visit: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million.com, and other online bookstores. The E-book format is also available. Contact your local bookstore, or order directly from Destiny .Imagewww.TimeLineNewTestament.com

(SOURCE: Time Line New Testament Hoffman Bible via Christian Newswire)

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