Improve 26 Christian Character Traits Through Gospel Power

This book covers twenty-six Christian character traits with narrower groupings for regeneration, the Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes, fruit of the Spirit, core traits, family and friends, romantic relationships, work ethics, struggles in life, and decision-making. Brainstorming sessions, hymn sings, intriguing insights, movie nights, nature studies, and other activities generate interest. A precise, multi-faceted definition of the trait sets the scope.

Within each lesson, the first section addresses the question, “Why does character matter?” The specific answer unfolds through two key verses and two Bible characters. Section two responds to the question, “What does Christian character look like?” It examines the trait more closely and explores applications. The last section answers the question, “How can believers improve their character?” Mere self-effort does not produce godly results. Only the Holy Spirit’s power can enable anyone to keep the moral law and, thus, cultivate Christian traits.

Believers must seek to understand God’s desire and then petition him for help. To encourage the latter, participants complete a “Heart Assessment, Reflection, and Petition” (HARP) chart to examine their lives and consider areas for change. The closing prayer acknowledges past failures and petitions the Spirit for divine strength to improve Christian character.

Written for teens and adults, the text includes a detailed “Teaching and Learning Guide” and provides free access to optional PowerPoint slides. “Christian Character” can be a self-study program, traditional textbook, daily devotional, counseling aid, or casual read. It is suitable for a Sunday school program, home school, group Bible or book study, private academy class, or Christian university course.

Dr. Paul Gorman, a PCA ruling elder, says, “Larkins’ humility, Scriptural dependence, clear prose, and cogent observations are masterfully interwoven to help the reader graciously mature in Christ on this side of heaven.” For more information, see the book’s website at

About the Author
During his 26-year academic career at Georgia State University, Dr. Ernest Larkins received many awards and honors. His published research included two books and over one hundred articles in professional, scholarly, and legal journals.

(SOURCE: Ernest R. Larkins via Christian Newswire)

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