Virtual Cinema Event Offers New Easter Tradition

This Easter offers a new tradition for families to experience the redemption of Jesus in “The Thorn,” through an at-home Virtual Cinema Event. For 25 years, over 1 million people have experienced “The Thorn,” a live stage experience of movement arts and visual effects portraying Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. Think, cirque meets the Passion.
Audience enthusiasm from the live stage show inspired creators to develop an on-screen experience for those unable to attend in person. Beginning March 27, families can now enjoy the unique telling of The Gospel from the comfort of their own homes by purchasing a showtime for $19.99 through the Virtual Cinema Event. The event can be streamed through Chromecast, Apple TV/Airplay, Roku, or HDMI.

“While we wish everyone could experience ‘The Thorn’ in person, we understand it’s not always feasible. We’re thrilled to share the live-stage experience through a compelling vantage point only seen on screen. The Virtual Cinema Event is a unique opportunity for families of all ages to experience the Gospel this Easter season, which will surely leave them inspired,” said producer John Bolin.

In addition to the Virtual Cinema Event for individual and family viewing, “The Thorn” is available through April 8th for churches, schools, and community licensing via the Faith Content Network.

“Through sound, dance, and visual arts, ‘The Thorn’ inspires the God-given creativity within each of us while proclaiming the Gospel. Time and time again, we hear from attendees who after experiencing the show with their family and friends, found themselves having conversations about faith they otherwise wouldn’t have had. It’s deeply rewarding and inspiring to hear from folks on how the 2-hour show sincerely strengthened their faith, or bridged a conversation with their families,” said Bolin.

“The Thorn” features a cast of 40 world-class performers who are masters of music, movement arts, and visual effects. Film masters captured the stage performance from a view only experienced on screen, editing down hundreds of hours of 4k footage to allow audiences to feel as though they’re immersed in the live performance.

About The Thorn
In 1996, while working as youth pastors in Colorado, John and Sarah Bolin and their team created “The Thorn” to communicate to students their unconditional value to God. Designed as an interactive, relevant retelling of the Story of God, “The Thorn” was initially performed to a small audience of high school students. Today, “The Thorn” tours across the country and features professional dancers, actors, martial artists, and aerialists from around the world.

(SOURCE: Troops & Allies via Christian Newswire)

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