New Book Gives Christians Certainty of God’s Guidance Beyond Sunday Morning

In every generation, people face the challenges, questions, and concerns of the gospel message of the Christian faith. Using an easy to read, offbeat blend of humor and apologetics, Tony Carvalho provides clues, tidbits, and morsels – some easy to swallow, and some not so much – on how to stay connected to the Lord in the other 99% of life beyond Sunday morning.

Every Christian is in full-time ministry – whether they know it or not – and in a position to influence the lives of those around them for eternity. Beyond Sunday Morning sets some ground rules through numerous stories, insightful perspectives, and fun ways for Christians to recognize the Lord’s hand in their lives.

Readers will not only get past their miserable Mondays, but their weekly Christianity will get a complete revamp, and better yet, they will gain certainty of the Lord’s guidance beyond Sunday morning.

“Beyond Sunday Morning is a collection of wonderfully written essays that provides a path to spiritual enlightenment. Each essay will help you take a step forward in your faith and inspire you to run after Christ. Tony Carvalho is an incredible writer, storyteller, and apologist – not to mention an outstanding Christian Servant Leader. If you are desiring to better understand the goodness of God, look no further. Your heart will be encouraged and your soul will be fed ‘Beyond Sunday Morning!'” — Dr. Adam Wright, President of Dallas Baptist University

Beyond Sunday Morning is available in hardcover and Kindle format from Amazon.

“Honestly, what could be more fun than reporting to the King of the Universe?” — Tony Carvalho

Tony Carvalho worked in the petroleum industry for over thirty years. With his background in geology, which requires a thorough, methodical approach, and attention to detail for analyzing data and producing maps, Tony has developed the skill set needed to be an effective apologist. He is also the Founder of Lehigh Ministries which is currently engaged in various outreach activities, including an Oasis Effort designed to help reduce the rate of burnout in the minister, pastor, and missionary population. Learn more about Tony Carvalho and Lehigh Ministries at

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