Moran Summarizes Recent Latino/Hispanic Americans Survey

In the fall of 2022, Lifeway Research conducted a survey to gather information on the United States Latino/Hispanic American Church. Various studies have frequently touched Latino/Hispanic American churches and included their leaders; however, few studies have sought to explore ministry dynamics specific to Latino/Hispanic churches today. There is much to be learned about the practices, successes, and challenges of Latino/Hispanic church ministry. It is well understood that increasing this understanding is essential and beneficial for both Latino/Hispanic American churches and the entire church in North America.

By Carlos S. Morán, Ed.D.

The survey was designed to gather data on ministry dynamics with Latino/Hispanic American churches that can be used to encourage cooperation and support of Latino/Hispanic church ministry in the United States. It was also designed to determine how Latino/Hispanic churches are reaching and keeping the next generation, how discipleship is taking place, how they are building community and fellowship, and how their church is doing evangelism.

The online survey was distributed to a sample of 692 pastors between September 6, 2022, and November 1, 2022. Each respondent was screened to ensure they were the senior pastor or the pastor of the Latino/Hispanic campus or Spanish-speaking congregation

Respondents were screened to ensure the congregation was a Latino/Hispanic or multiethnic church or a Spanish-speaking worship service or campus within a non- Latino/Hispanic church Only congregations that were at least fifty percent Latino/Hispanic were included in the study.

The findings of the survey revealed that 86% of the participating Latino/Hispanic congregations are Latino/Hispanic or multiethnic churches. Another interesting finding showed that 53% of the Latino/Hispanic churches conduct worship services in Spanish; 22% conduct bilingual services. Additionally, the survey found that the largest number of Latino/Hispanic congregations that participated of the study are in the South and West regions of the United States.

Overall, the survey provides valuable insights into the Latino/Hispanic American church and highlights the need to learn and conduct further studies into the practices, successes, and challenges of Latino/Hispanic church ministry. The results of this survey can be used by Church of God department leaders, Church of God state and regional leaders, large churches that want to reach the Latino/Hispanic communities in their cities and the Regional Bible Institutes that function among the nine Church of God Spanish-speaking regions in the United States.

Lifeway Research believes that for this study the number of Protestant Hispanic congregations from the United States is the largest ever to collaborate in a project of this magnitude. It is important to note that even though there was a robust sampling of survey respondents, the study has limitations.

Notable undertakings were made to connect with known groups of Latino/Hispanic congregations. Some denominations, according to the article published by Lifeway Research were not able to participate during the timeframe of this study. Congregations in denominations and faith groups listed on the survey invitations page were contacted and invited in an assortment of ways and comprehensive manner.

The full number of non-denominational Latino/Hispanic congregations in the United States is not known. In part this is due to Latino/Hispanic congregations that exist as a Spanish-speaking service within a non-Latino/Hispanic church. These ministries may be underrepresented. It is plausible that some Spanish-speaking services have not yet identified themselves to their denomination or networks since the entire church already has affiliations of its own.

In conclusion, Lifeway Research’s survey conducted on the Latino/Hispanic American church provides valuable insights into the practices, successes, and challenges of Latino/Hispanic church ministry. The findings of the survey can be used to develop and implement sound practices to reach the Latino/Hispanic next generation, improve discipleship, create holistic ministries, and evangelize the new Latino/Hispanic harvest that is arriving in the United States every day. This harvest is enormous, the workers are few and time is short. Nevertheless, we are motivated to reach the harvest because the result is great. Heaven will be filled with people from “every tribe and tongue and people and nation” (Revelation 5:9).

Lifeway Research published an article on January 24, 2023, that gives a fuller summary of the findings. The following are links to review the article as well as the reports in English and Spanish:

English (links to reports at bottom)

Carlos S. Morán, Ed.D., is director of Hispanic Ministries for the Church of God.

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