Global Ventures Seeks to Reach 67 Percent with the Gospel

Each day, 70,000 people die never having heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Since AD 30, 67 percent of all people have never heard the name of Jesus. Today, a third of humanity have no opportunity to hear the Gospel where they live.

Desiring to bring the Gospel to the unreached regions of the earth, Global Ventures Founders John and Martine Smithwick have a lifetime goal to raise up 1,000 front-line evangelists and through their combined efforts reach 1 billion souls for Christ.

During their time in ministry, this venture has taken John and Martine face to face with millions of people ranging from remote village tribal members to shamans saturated in the dark arts of witchcraft and voodoo to a diversity of humanity across many countries and cultures.

In 25 years of ministry, they along with their team members have encountered amazing adventures, miracles that transformed masses of people, along with a myriad of mission memories that would stir anyone’s heart for the world.

If you would like to become one of their evangelists or join the ministry in helping to accomplish this goal, you’re invited to attend Global Ventures’ 25th anniversary banquet night of celebration and vision casting March 7 at the Renaissance Tulsa Hotel & Convention Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Tickets are limited. For those who live out of state and are willing to travel, special tickets are available while supplies last. Find out more by calling 918-266-5764.

As surprising as it may be, 4 billion people on earth have never heard the Gospel of Jesus and 2 billion have zero access to Bibles, Christian churches, and literature. Most of this group lives in predominantly Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist areas.

For a quarter of a century, Global Ventures’ primary mission field has been the 10/40 window, an area with the highest concentration of unreached people and poverty and the lowest percentage of Christian missionary activity.

“Our heartbeat is to facilitate a global evangelism movement by raising up an army of front-line harvesters,” says Global Ventures Founder John Smithwick. “We exist so that all may know the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Since 1998, Global Ventures has seen 2.4 million decisions for Christ, handed out 684,000 pieces of gospel literature, documented 26,000 healings, sent 2,600 missionaries, and planted and sponsored 43 churches. All are accomplished by the Holy Spirit through short-term missions’ teams, citywide festivals, service projects, church planting, missions training programs, and their media ministry.

“Taking a trip with Global Ventures was the experience of a lifetime,” says Rico Gonzales. “Global Ventures is kingdom-focused, providing excellent systems and tools to prepare and equip you. There is nothing like getting the chance to pray with people receiving salvation, healing, and knowing that one day you’ll see them again in Heaven.”

“On the mission field, you literally get to watch the Bible come alive like a pop-up book,” says one of Global Ventures’ missionaries, Teresa Burnett.

The world’s population is accelerating, necessitating a greater strategy from the Holy Spirit to reach them. Global Ventures implemented it in Nepal in 2015. With 117 people and eight target regions, 150,141 Nepalese were reached face-to-face with the gospel, with a TV broadcast blanketing the rest of the country.

“We want to multiply the evangelism campaigns, targeting multiple cities and regions in a shorter window,” says Martine Smithwick. “Our expanded vision is to see 1,000 team members go into the field, 500,000 decisions for Christ, and to train over 100 students to reach the world for Jesus every year.”

“We are focused on using all the tools at our disposal,” declares John Smithwick, “to raise up and mobilize missionaries to go into these countries.”

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