Church of God Membership Surpasses 8 Million

January 24, 2023–Cleveland, Tenn.—Timothy M. Hill, presiding bishop for the Church of God, has announced the Cleveland, Tennessee-based denomination has exceeded global membership of 8 million people for the first time at 8,177,439.

Hill made the official announcement of the milestone number during a Zoom conference with the Church of God International Executive Council on Tuesday, January 24.

In a previous Zoom conference with state and regional leaders, Hill shared that statistical reports received from around the world were being consolidated but indicated a preliminary number that exceeded 8 million.

“We are excited that the message of Christ is reaching more and more people every year,” Hill said. “As membership continues to grow, reaching this milestone demonstrates the hunger for the truth of God’s Word around the globe. We recognize the favor of God, as it is He who touches the hearts of persons everywhere to seek His face.”

Hill explained that the consolidated numbers don’t reflect the true number of persons who attend a Church of God around the world on any given weekend. That number is closer to 15 million with numbers that are not regularly reported.

“Monthly reports that reach our offices come from pastors of congregations affiliated with the Church of God in the 187 countries where we have a presence,” Hill said. “They report many figures, including members, ministers, spiritual, and financial information. Several of those 187 countries place heavy restrictions upon worship and freedom of expression, so specific or timely reports may be limited from those locations.”

The Church of God was founded as the Christian Union in the hills of Tennessee on August 19, 1886. By 1904 when the small movement established roots in Cleveland, Tennessee, the organization had churches in three states. The name “Church of God” was adopted in 1907.

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