Book Helps Readers Heal Past Wounds, Find Their Purpose

Maurice F. Martin is releasing his second book, Your But is Too Big. The book was written to help readers heal their past wounds and discover their higher selves. In celebration of the release, Maurice is hosting a series of live events and giving away free books, counseling sessions, coaching sessions, and more. He is also hosting a free workshop called Transform Me 2023 on January 17 at 6 p.m. EST, with registration at Maurice’s book launch offers value beyond those of traditional Christian self-development books and seeks to offer readers something truly unique.

Maurice believes healing from past trauma is an essential step in living a peaceful, purpose-driven life. That’s why he chose to do more than launch a new book but committed to providing an experience designed to help attendees release their limiting beliefs and become the best versions of themselves. It is open to anyone looking to grow from past traumas and uncover their true purpose in life.

Maurice joins the ranks of other famous Christian authors who seek to inspire through healing past wounds. He says, “When we heal from what we’ve been through, we give ourselves a greater chance to accomplish everything else we desire. When we focus on our to-be list, we improve the odds of finishing our to-do list.”

As the latest entry in the Christian self-help book market, Your But is Too Big is an original, inspiring work that not only tells Maurice’s story but also provides readers with the tools they need to transform their own lives. Packed with resources and opportunities for growth, this book is a must-read for anyone looking to shed their emotional weight and find their life purpose in 2023.

Throughout his career, Maurice has been licensed by major networks such as VH1, MTV, and E!, and he’s been featured on YouTube’s Bear Witness, Take Action, hosted by globally-recognized artist Common and Keke Palmer and viewed more than 4 million times in 2020.

About Maurice F. Martin
Maurice F. Martin is an award-winning vocalist and songwriter, counselor, life coach, and inspirational speaker.

(SOURCE: Courageous Faith Publishing via Christian Newswire)

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