Kid Mission Sunday Is March 12, 2023

The Church of God Department of Youth and Discipleship is sponsoring Kid Mission Sunday to encourage children to be part of changing Latin America through simple acts of collecting pocket change.

Kid Mission Sunday is March 12, 2023, where it is hoped everyone will bring their change and donations to church to show a unified effort that they want to participate in this year’s mission to change the world for the children of Latin America, the Youth World Evangelism Appeal (YWEA) project for 2023. Scriptural basis for the campaign is found in Matthew 28:19, which says, “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

According to Rob Bailey, International Director of Youth and Discipleship, the YWEA 2023 project, “CONEXIÓN-Connected to the Commission” is an opportunity to connect with the Latin American culture and make a difference by focusing on the following strategic ministries:

•Haven of Hope Orphanage in Bolivia
•Semisud Pentecostal Seminary in Ecuador
•Prenatal Care Center in Mexico
•Ministry Training Centers in Guatemala & Brazil

An incentive for raising funds for the project is reserved seating at upcoming KidFest events, scheduled for early next year. The church in each state/region raising the largest offering
above $600.00 will receive reserved seating at the Kidfest they attend. To qualify, the offering
must be reported to their state/regional office by Monday, March 13, and the offering must be
received by the state/regional office Friday, March 17 with reporting to follow by March 20.

“Each year, Church of God kids across the U.S. show their support for YWEA by participating in Kid Mission Sunday,” stated Brian Yaun, assistant director of Youth and Discipleship. “Collectively, they raise thousands of dollars which support orphan children globally.”

To learn more about Kid Mission Sunday and the upcoming KidFest events, visit

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