LifeBuilders Conducts Summer/Fall Conferences

Church of God Men’s Discipleship (also known as Men’s LifeBuilders) has just finished their summer/fall conference season for 2022 and reports “a number of well-attended, anointed, national and regional men’s discipleship conferences” according to Dr. O. Wayne Brewer, International Director of Church of God Men’s Discipleship.

One of the standout conferences for discipling men was the “Caribbean Men’s Symposium” coordinated by Caribbean LifeBuilders Director, Dwight Wright (Bishop Ismael Charles – Field Director). Participants were from almost 20 Caribbean nations and trained Church of God men in “Men’s Leadership,” “Men’s Discipleship,” and “Effective Small Group Leadership.” Workshop leaders included Bishop Dwight Wright, Dr. Roy Notice, and Dr. Brewer.

Another powerful Men’s LifeBuilders Discipleship conference was held in Indianapolis, and coordinated by Indiana State Men’s LifeBuilders Director, David Owens (Administrative Bishop, Barry Clardy). The “Men of Valor Conference,” with over 200 men in attendance saw men crying and praying for each other in the altars and featured Dr. Brewer challenging the men to be godly men of influence within their own families and churches.

Yet another powerfully anointed Men’s LifeBuilders Conference was hosted by the Southeastern Hispanic Region (Administrative Bishop, Otoniel Collins) and led by the Southeastern Hispanic Regional Men’s Discipleship Coordinator, Humberto Tossas. The theme was “Men in the Image of God … Laborers in the Harvest.” Over 500 attenders worshipped God, filled the altars, and fellowshipped with one another as Drs. Brewer and Eliezar Bonilla ministered. A graduation ceremony celebrated many men attaining “Level One” Men’s Discipleship training certification.

“The Church of God at the local church level is blessed by thousands of Pentecostal ‘LifeBuilders,’ men who are led by dedicated local church men’s directors as well as excellent national/state/regional men’s coordinators like Dwight Wright, David Owens, and Humberto Tossas” commented International Director Brewer.

For more information or resources for discipling Pentecostal men of God go to or or call 423.478.7286.

(Source: Church of God Adult Discipleship)

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