World Missions Establishes Community Missions

Cleveland, TN–Church of God World Missions has initiated Community Missions to serve as a vehicle for churches, pastors, and laity to be unified in the task of completing the Great Commission.

“It has been said that if the word of God is to reach humanity, it can only be done through the involvement of all of God’s people,” stated Dr. M. Thomas Propes, general director for Church of God World Missions. “A church is responsible for its community, nation, and world.”

Grady Murphy, a long-time member of World Missions, will lead Community Missions as coordinator. The initiative will be structured to work with the missions leadership of state and regional areas and local churches where the pastor appoints a leader to share the congregation’s missions vision and keep it viable for the church membership. These Community Missions representatives will work hand in hand with World Missions and it’s 365 Project, helping people locally and globally.

This vision has been enlarged from the days of Local Missions Representatives to include cooperation and implementation with businesses, civic organizations, and humanitarian organizations to access much of the work Church of God World Missions is doing where needs, such as clean water, medical assistance, and education are needed.

“Grady Murphy has been a faithful and valued member of our World Missions team for years,” Propes stated. “We are excited to see him serve the Kingdom in this new role as Coordinator. Will you take the 365 Challenge and connect with Community Missions? Let’s change the world…one day at a time!”

To register as a Community Missions Representative and to learn more and participate in sharing information and inspiration about your local Missions program, click here.

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