Reformation Sunday Offering Honors Retired Ministers and Widows

Sunday, October 30 is Reformation Sunday, the time when the Church of God takes seriously the mandate of Malachi chapter 4 and turns their hearts to the fathers and mothers of our movement…our retired ministers and widows.

For decades, the last Sunday in October has been reserved for this special time set aside to honor and bless those who have gone before us in the ministry. Some of our retired ministers and widows gave up their livelihoods to bring the message of the Gospel to the masses.

“They represent the very heart of the Church of God,” stated General Overseer Tim Hill. “We never want to take for granted the sacrificial servanthood of our retired ministers and widows. This annual expression has come to symbolize our love as a movement toward this Greatest Generation, and I encourage every Church of God congregation to give liberally to bless those in need, especially at this time of year.” Hill stated that offerings received on Reformation Sunday go directly to assist the needs of the hundreds of ministers and widows who, in many instances, struggle to make ends meet each month.

A special video has been prepared and is being distributed across the Church of God in preparation for Reformation Sunday. Pastors are encouraged to play the video in their churches and listen to the moving testimonies of some of our most respected and honored ministers.

The link is available by clicking here or by visiting To individually give to the Reformation Sunday offering, click here.

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