Rogers Unveils Online Library for Pastors

Love Worth Finding Ministries has launched a new online library of pastor and church resources featuring uncompromising biblical truth taught by Adrian Rogers, one of the best-known and trusted pastors of our age.

The library, specifically curated for pastors and church leaders, includes no-cost resources such as sermon outlines and transcripts for study and research, previously unreleased messages delivered to ordination candidates and other ministry groups, Pastor Rogers’ signature online training, “What Every Pastor Ought to Know,” and biblically based answers related to life’s struggles.

“Adrian Rogers loved pastors. He spent a significant part of his life speaking with, praying for, and mentoring men who had committed their lives to the Gospel ministry. This new resource collection is designed to honor that part of his life,” said Cary E. Vaughn, CEO and President of Love Worth Finding (LWF).

Before launching this effort, LWF interviewed a broad cross-section of biblically committed pastors to find out what their greatest challenges and struggles are and how the ministry might encourage them. In its research, LWF found that pastors of small congregations, in particular, are seeking vetted sermon preparation material, biblical answers to tough questions, and pastoral training.

In addition to complimentary resources for pastors, the library also provides links to selected products (Bible studies, small-group resources, discipleship tools) to help pastors and church leaders grow and strengthen the faith of church congregations.

Encouraging pastors and strengthening churches furthers the LWF mission—to bring people to Christ and mature them in the faith. Two of Pastor Adrian Rogers’ long-held beliefs are especially important to the formation and launch of this new library: biblical truth without compromise, and the importance of the local church.

Of biblical truth, Pastor Rogers said, “I’m willing to compromise about many things, but not the Word of God.” Of the local church, he said, “There is no such thing as a small church. Every church is a mission outpost of Almighty God.”

The new online library of pastor and church resources may be found at

(SOURCE: Love Worth Finding Ministries via Christian Newswire)

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