Festival Offers New Discoveries, Analysis, and Debates LIVE

The Biblical Archaeology Society, publisher of Biblical Archaeology Review (BAR), a quarterly popular magazine, will soon host its signature event online.

The 25th Annual Bible & Archaeology Fest on October 8-9 offers live talks from leading Bible scholars and archaeologists from around the world via the free, downloadable Zoom computer application.

Registered, paid participants will enjoy a weekend of two online learning tracks with 16 experts in biblical and archaeological studies wherever they have an internet connection. Or after the live event for a limited time, attendees can stream recordings for continued enrichment.

This year esteemed scholar and popular author Carol Meyers from Duke University is plenary speaker with “The Ancient ‘Gender Gap’: The Bible, Archaeology, and Israelite Women.”

Following the plenary, attendees can enjoy a lively Saturday night Dead Sea Scrolls 75th Anniversary panel with experts Charlotte Hempel, University of Birmingham, UK, Dennis Mizzi, University of Malta, and Joe Uziel, Israel Antiquities Authority.

Other top scholars presenting include:
• ELIZABETH BACKFISH: Conventions and Contributions of Hebrew Poetry
• ANDREA BERLIN: Hellenism and its Consequences
• JAMES CHARLESWORTH: Discovering the Tombs of David and Solomon After 50 Years of Searching
• CHRISTY COBB: Slavery, Archaeology, and the New Testament
• RALPH HAWKINS: The Promise of the Conquest of Canaan in the Book of Exodus
• LEE JEFFERSON: Was Jesus a Magician? Wands, Wizards, and Magic in Early Christianity
• SHELBY JUSTL: The Real Housewives of Ancient Egypt
• THOMAS LEVY: Archaeological Science and Biblical Edom
• R. STEVEN NOTLEY: Byzantine Bethsaida and the House of St. Peter
• JAMES TABOR: How Does One Follow the God of Israel after 70 C.E.? How the Gospel of Mark is Our Earliest Post-War Proposal
• SHELLEY WACHSMANN: “Some Went Down to the Sea in Ships…”: Ships, Boats, and Seafaring in Biblical Time

Early Registration for this BAS Travel/Study 25th Anniversary event is only $179 through September 26 (Regularly $199); Students: $99. To register online, go to www.biblicalarchaeology.org/fest.

(SOURCE: Biblical Archaeology Society)

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