Hill Releases Next Topic in Series

Church of God General Overseer Tim Hill has released the next in his series of commentaries, “Let’s Talk About It” (LTAI). The title is “A Pastor’s Antidote for Social Media Toxicity.”

Hill shares his thoughts on how pastors and church leaders can address the trend that he describes as, “the explosion of non-stop social media (where), like never before, ministers are targets for the rapid-fire bullets of criticism and vitriol that flies off of the end of busy fingertips typing away their emotions on a digital keyboard.”

The general overseer defines, “A New Digital Landscape,” and addresses ways to navigate the toxicity, how to properly respond, and to, “Remain Faithful” during an age where online opinions and accusations flow freely and many times without regard to truthfulness or accountability.

Hill began the LTAI blog-like series several years ago and has addressed dozens of topics in a uniquely personal and forthright manner. Subtitled, “Insights and Observations Shared to Inspire Conversation,” he has dealt with subjects such church topics as financial transparency, honorary doctorates, church “systems,” and the tithe of tithes, but has also been personally transparent in his sharing about being prepared for preaching, Sunday church visits, and fighting for the sanctity of the family. The titles are catchy as well: “What Was I Thinking,” Preach ‘Em Happy,” and “Shut It Down, I Want You Back!” are among them.

To read the full column, click here. To read past entries in the series, visit letstalkaboutitbytimhill.com.

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