Injunction, Court Order Against Church Reversed

San Jose, CA–The County of Santa Clara and Health Officer Sarah Cody, through County Counsel James Williams, obtained a temporary restraining order and injunction in November 2020 against Calvary Chapel San Jose, Pastor Mike McClure, and Pastor Carson Atherly for violating the Covid-19 health orders that restricted church services, required masks and the submission to the county of a Covid-19 Social Distancing Protocol.

When the church continued to hold worship services, the County successfully asked the Santa Clara County Superior Court to hold the church and its pastors in contempt of court and for monetary sanctions to be ordered against the church and Pastor McClure on December 17, 2020.

But the church continued to defy the court issued injunction believing the injunction and the order for contempt were unconstitutional. On February 16, 2021, the superior court again held the church and Pastor McClure in contempt of court and issued monetary sanctions. This time, Pastor Carson Atherly was added to the order.

In sum, the church and its pastors were fined more than $200,000 in sanctions by the superior court at the request of the County.

Robert Tyler, President of Advocates for Faith & Freedom commented, “this is a significant victory for churches and pastors across this country. We are honored to represent pastors and churches who are willing to take the heat in defense of liberty because it benefits everyone.”

(SOURCE: Advocates for Faith & Freedom)

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