109 Organizations Honored as ‘Certified Best Christian Workplaces’

Best Christian Workplaces Institute (BCWI) has honored 109 faith-based organizations and Christian-owned businesses as Certified Best Christian Workplaces in the first half of 2022.

These workplaces reported strong satisfaction with team dynamics, even during a season when external research reveals the prevalence of isolation and disconnection at work.

What’s unique about organizations that are certified as Best Christian Workplaces? Employees at these workplaces affirm good teamwork and conflict resolution skills in their responses to the BCWI Employee Engagement Survey. Even in the face of lower satisfaction with compensation and benefits, employees find high levels of meaning and value in their work as their organizations achieve their goals.

In today’s tight labor market where employees are feeling the pinch of inflation, leaders are concerned about their ability to compete for top talent and offer compensation and benefits to retain employees. Jay Bransford, CEO of BCWI addresses these challenges: “Many organizations are facing financial pressure, especially if they experienced a drop in donations or other revenue streams over the past few years. Rewarding compensation and outstanding talent are two important factors for flourishing organizations in the long-term. Even as these areas are lagging, top-ranking organizations see the benefit of investing in teamwork and sustainable strategy to increase employee engagement.”

Another challenge for effective leadership is healthy communication. After several years of adaptation in workplace patterns, employees need consistent communication to increase their engagement.

Organizations that have a healthy workplace culture have found ways to effectively communicate and work together toward common goals even when employees are not all at the same comfort level with hybrid or virtual work settings.

Workplaces that are flourishing have leaders who are proactive rather than reactive in a changing environment. Bransford underscores the importance of great leadership in influencing workplace culture:

“We live in a world of dynamic change-from changing global political and economic realities, to cultural shifts in society. Effective leaders need to continuously take the pulse of their organizations to better understand the state of their flock and how best to support, attract, and retain top talent. No other factor impacts the performance of an organization to a greater extent than its culture.

Therefore, proactively assessing and developing a healthy culture is a strategic imperative for all leaders. BCWI is the expert in assessing the culture of Christian organizations–applying robust data and experienced, professional consultants to guide you along the road to flourishing.”

This year’s Certified Best Christian Workplaces list features organizations in the United States, Canada, Thailand, Australia, Indonesia, and Zambia, and includes a variety of faith-based nonprofits, churches, and Christian-owned businesses.

Since 2002, BCWI’s Employee Engagement Survey has been completed by more than 340,000 employees from over 1,300 organizations in the US, Australia, Africa, Asia, Canada, Europe, Central and South America.
About Best Christian Workplaces Institute

BCWI is an international, not-for-profit, research-based, organizational development and human resources consulting firm, with offices in Mercer Island, Washington, and London, Ontario.

For more information and to view the list, visit bcwinstitute.org.

(SOURCE: Christian Newsire)

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