Special Offering Helps Replenish Disaster Relief Fund

San Antonio, TX–First Assistant General Overseer for the Church of God, Raymond Culpepper, who also serves as liaison to the Division of Care Ministries for the Church of God, made an appeal to the Church of God General Assembly on Wednesday, July 27 during the evening service.

The Church of God met last week in San Antonio for their 78th International General Assembly.

Culpepper shared a special video spotlighting three independent benevolent agencies connected with the Church of God: Operation Compassion, Men and Women of Action, and God’s Pit Crew. All have made an everlasting impact on the lives of thousands through assistance with cleanup, relief, restoration, and rebuilding following natural disasters.

“Operation Compassion alone gave $97 million in gifts-in-kind last year,” Culpepper explained. “They represent one of the most vital ways we (Church of God) demonstrate care to the world.”

The video proclaimed, “Increased demand for services and relief have hindered these agencies from delivering at their peak. Skyrocketing fuel prices and a faltering economy have exacerbated the situation. While they have not lost a step during the last two years, some resources have been increasingly scarce…yet disasters continue to happen.”

Culpepper explained that while the three agencies operate independently and receive thousands in donations every year, the Church of God assists through a Disaster Relief Fund, available for critical response in the event of a disaster.

“This fund is underwater,” Culpepper stated in his appeal. “We want to be able to be one of the first to respond and be there for our people, especially as we head into the heart of hurricane and tornado season. But we can’t do that when the funds are not there.”

Culpepper then issued a challenge to all delegates to give $100 in the offering if their way had been paid to attend the Assembly. The offering received on Wednesday came in at $66,535, nearly two-thirds toward the goal of $100,000.

Culpepper emphasized that while many cannot offer physical ministry through volunteering, everyone can be at a disaster relief site through monetary contributions. “Donation dollars flow through every canned food item delivered to a devastated family, to the shingles that are hammered to a tornado-ravaged home.”

Anyone wishing to give toward the goal of replenishing the fund, please designate any offerings to “Church of God Disaster Relief Fund.” Donations can be mailed to Church of God Disaster Relief, P.O. Box 2430, Cleveland, TN, 373720-2430.

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