South African School Awarded Certification

On June 7, 2022, the Standing Certification Committee of the Church of God Division of Education awarded Denominational Certification status to the Church of God International Bible College (COGIBC) as a Level II post-secondary educational institution.

With the certification, the Cape Town, South Africa school may in the future award its students, on completion of their theological studies, a Level II postsecondary educational institution certificate. The school celebrated the achievement in Sunday, July 10, 2022, a very special day in the history of Church of God International Bible College.

The Church of God Division of Education Denominational Certification Level II certificate was officially handed over by Pastor Philip Buckley, superintendent of the Southern Africa Church of God World Missions Africa Council, to the vice chancellor of COGIBC, Pastor Raymond Lombard, during the Sunday morning service.

The leaders thanked the following individuals who helped make the certification happen: Dr. Tim Hill, General Overseer; Dr. David Ramirez, Divisional Director of Education; Dr. David Griffis, Director of Church of God World Missions; Dr. Carolyn Dirksen, chair of the Standing Committee on Certification; and Dr Dwain Pyeatt, International Coordinator, Church of God Division of Education.

A special thanks was given to Dr. David Griffis for his inspiration, vision, support, and brotherly love in helping Church of God International Bible College, and also many thanks to Bishop Ronnie Hepperley of Rio Missions. Thanks to Dr. Peter Thomas, Field Director for Africa and Bishop Jürgen Rudolph, Education Director Church of God World Missions Africa, who played a major role in assisting COGIBC to apply for a MOU with European Theological Seminary (ETS) and the support of Dr. Steve Darnell.

Church of God International Bible College is an online Bible College that focuses on training in a non-formal setting: the 93% insufficiently trained pastors / evangelists in a Theological Ministerial certificated program, not only in Africa, but globally.

Inquiries can be directed to Dr. Gert Venter (Dean) or pastor Adri Theron (Registrar)
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(Source: COGIBC)

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