New Book Offers Hope to Those Suffering from Physical, Emotional Illness

In these days of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has had both direct and indirect effects on people with chronic disease (according to the CDC),* Dr. Luann Dunnuck offers hope and freedom. She knows firsthand what it’s like to live among daily struggles, and she has seen the kingdom of God come to bring restoration and revival.

Did you know you have an inheritance? As a believer in Jesus Christ, you have been given keys to the victorious, unshakable, matchless kingdom of God. When you uncover kingdom truths found in Scripture, you will no longer be defeated or orphaned, but rather will walk as a son or daughter of the King!

In this thirty-one-day devotional, author Luann Dunnuck—who has overcome such things as a debilitating illness and agoraphobia—encourages you to live in the kingdom of God now, in your everyday life. Inside the pages you will find freedom in Christ as Discover and Abide in the Kingdom of God answers these questions:
• What is the kingdom of God?

• How does the kingdom of God function?

• How can the kingdom of God bring freedom?

• Is the kingdom of God for the here and now or just for the hereafter?

• What is the good news of the kingdom of God?
“Jesus impacted everyone He encountered for the good. As we follow in His footsteps, Scripture will teach us to uncover healing and deliverance, for not only our life, but also for those around us,” Dunnuck says. “If you struggle in mind or body, kingdom principles will bring restoration and revival to you. As you align your thinking and actions with Scripture, you will begin to walk in the fullness of His kingdom.”

Dunnuck challenges and encourages us to discover and live by kingdom principles and experience freedom through Jesus.

About the author
Luann Dunnuck is a dynamic conference speaker, author, and counselor. As a student of the Word, she longs to see those suffering with afflictions be healed through the wisdom of Scripture and power of the Holy Spirit.

(SOURCE: Redemption Press)

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