‘America’s Prayer Meeting Revival’ Set for June 1 – 5

America’s Prayer Meeting Revival is scheduled for June 1 – 5.

“It’s simple,” says P. Douglas Small, President of Project Pray and coordinator for Church of God Prayer Ministries. “Just open the doors of the church and let the people pray. Encourage them to drop by on their way to work. To fast lunch and come to the church. To stop by on their way home and linger in the presence of the Lord. No preaching. No teaching. No music – just prayer. Churches full of people praying for the nation and revival in the nation.”

“We need prayer,” Small says. “And this idea is so simple. It unifies the churches across the nation. Any congregation can do it. There is no necessary planning. No budget is needed. Just give God a chance to speak to us in an unhurried, quiet space.”

During the days of America’s Prayer Meeting Revival, twenty cities have been selected as centers for prayer. The cities have been strategically chosen. The nation’s four corners will host teams – Los Angeles, Miami, Bangor and Houlton, Maine, and Bellingham, north of Seattle. In Los Angeles, the team will pray at Azusa Street and the Bonnie Brae House. They will pray at the Light of the World Prayer Center in Bellingham. They will serve the Mission Miami coalition of more than a hundred congregations in Miami. In Maine, they will pray at the US and Canada border.

Each corner of the nation represents a place of gospel resistance. Maine is the 3rd least religious state in the nation, followed by New Hampshire and Vermont. The area west of the Cascades is known for its spiritual coldness, with 42 percent in Portland identifying as religiously unaffiliated. Forty-seven percent of the population of Washington identifies as “not religious,” seldom or never attending church services. Miami is plagued by drug and human trafficking, riddled with Santeria, prostitution, hedonism, and drug money. It is one of the most under-churched cities in the nation. Los Angeles is similarly challenged with more unaffiliated people than evangelicals.

“It is as if the Evil One has laid a claim on the nation’s four corners to support the canopy of darkness he has pulled over the entire nation,” declared Small. “A revival in these strategic corners could begin to collapse this entire network of darkness – a spiritual darkness that now pervades our nation.”

Other teams will be along the nation’s perimeter – Phoenix, Dallas, Chicago, Detroit, Washington, DC, Charleston, SC, and Newport News, VA. “We have circled the nation with more than half these teams,” Small noted, “strategically placing them to create a perimeter of prayer around the nation. We need other churches to open their doors and join America’s Prayer Meeting Revival.”

For more information and resources, go to americasprayermeeting.org.

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