Air Force Academy Cadets Dismissed for Religious Beliefs

Up to 16 cadets at the Air Force Academy have just been notified they will not graduate, dismissed because of their Christian religious beliefs against abortion for refusing vaccines tested on aborted fetal stem cell lines, including seniors who will incur up to $400,000 in debt. Another 16 cadets at West Point face a religious purge.

A mother of one “Cadet Y,” interviewed in silhouette just revealed: “The seniors got called in and were given bad news: they won’t get a diploma and will be required to pay $400,000. Let’s join in prayer for these seniors. When they committed, things looked nothing like they do now. This is so wrong!”

Superintendent 3-star General Richard Clark (USAFA ’85) now openly breaks his public promise given to Dr. Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt (USAFA ’91) before 500 graduates or eyewitness in Sept. 2021, when Clark twice swore he’d “Absolutely” defend religious freedom for cadets who refuse the Biden vaccine mandate for sincerely held conscience objections, and fight for their constitutional rights.

Instead, documents now show Clark broke his word in Dec 2021 by signing letters rejecting several cadets’ request for religious waivers.

Clark ignored many chaplain letters attesting sincerity of cadets’ conscience, instead sending lawyers to court to argue against religious liberty. Mat Staver with Liberty Counsel defended “Cadet X” in a Florida court last week.

Attorney Mike Rose (USAFA ’69) defended up to 16 cadets at West Point and another 16 at USAFA on PIJN NEWS, and announced many will join a class action lawsuit in Ohio with hundreds of Christian service-members from all branches.

Congressman Chris Smith (R-NJ) has introduced a bill to reinstate all service-members fired over vaccine mandates.


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