South Korean Prayer Team In U.S. for Pentecost Sunday

An intercessory prayer team from South Korea is visiting the United States in the days leading up to Pentecost Sunday, this year taking place on June 5, 2022.

The unique team of intercessors is connected to the World School of Prayer in Seoul, Korea, one of the many prayer mountains in the nation. Many of these seasoned intercessors have traveled the world by invitation, praying for revival, including such sites as Westminster Abby. They have been invited to nations at the behest of Presidents. Their sole purpose is prayer aimed at a national, global spiritual awakening.

P. Douglas Small, President of Project Pray and International Prayer Coordinator for the Church of God, is coordinating the national multidenominational effort. More than 225 South Korean intercessors will be deployed to 20 USA cities, from coast to coast and border to border.

Dr. Nam Soo Choi, leader of the World School of Prayer, initiated the effort in cooperation with Project Pray. In prayer, he declared that the Lord had spoken to him that it was “time for America” and time for Korea to “repay the debt she owed to America and to its churches.” He noted, “America has been good to South Korea, a friend, sending missionaries, your military, aid, and support.” Once among the world’s poorest nations, Korea now has the world’s 10th largest economy. Korean Christians attribute that to the blessing and favor of God.”

For more information on the prayer effort, called America’s Prayer Meeting Revival, go to

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