Third Virtual Congress of Latino Ministerial Education 2022

On Monday, March 8, 2022, the Hispanic Educational Ministries Department of the Church of God held its Third National Virtual Congress of Latino Ministerial Education. The theme was The Missional Church Facing the Challenges of Gender Ideology. From a Biblical theological perspective and a practical Pentecostal approach, several leading educational speakers outlined strategies grounded in God’s Word on how the mission of the church must continually and effectively reach the lost world for Christ.

A panel of five women, ministers of the Church of God and with doctorates in various areas of knowledge (i.e., Psychology, Practical Theology, Education, Medicine, Law), responsibly answered key questions while providing biblical and professional guidance about: ways to counteract the false teachings of gender ideology; how the church can take care of itself against these bad influences of immoral laws and practices; how to reach out with the gospel of salvation various populations that have this belief and live far from God; among other dimensions of the challenging subject.

More than 230 people connected to the Virtual Congress by Zoom. Local church groups, Hispanic overseers, leaders and members at large from all over the United States of America and Puerto Rico attended. The subject was treated with excellence, from a perspective of fidelity to the Word of God and the ministerial practices of the pastorate, among other ecclesiastical tasks associated with the mission of Christ for his church.

We congratulate the Steering Committee, regional directors of Hispanic education, USAMEH staff and other volunteers who accompanied us on the day of organization, implementation and celebration of such a worthy event. To God be all the glory.

(Source: Dr. Enrique A. De Jesús, Hispanic Educational Ministries Department)

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